Nokia 9 PureView on (further) €110 discount in Ireland via Argos and Littlewoods

Nokia 9 PureView has been available for quite some time in Ireland. The device isn’t sold by any carrier there, even though as a whole, Europe is still a pretty much carrier oriented market. It is available via Nokia’s official webstore and retailers like Argos and Littlewoods.

The launch price of Nokia 9 PureView was €769 with Argos and Littlewoods few months back, but after some time the price was gradually decreased to €659. With the recent discount of €110, Littlewoods and Argos are offering the Nokia 9 PureView at a lower price than the official Nokia store there.

The new price of the 9 PureView is €549 and you can check Argos’ offer here and Littlewoods’ offer here.

via: TechBuzzIreland