Nokia starts a military veterans cell tower training program in the US for 5G rollout

We are in the year of 5G. The latest generation of wireless connectivity technology is already commercially available in some parts of the world, like South Korea or San Marino and is being intensively tested in the US, Finland, China and other, we can call, (more) developed countries.

In the United States of America, Nokia and Nokia’s subsidiary SAC Wireless started a training program for cell tower crews for US military veterans. While job growth and opportunity in 5G is exploding, military veterans proportionally remain the highest unemployed segment of population in the U.S., says the press release.

Nokia acquired SAC Wireless in 2014 for an undisclosed sum, according to Forbes. SAC Wireless specializes in indoor/outdoor small cell and distributed antenna systems deployments, support for major networks builds, cell tower maintenance and more.

Cari Shyiak, CEO, SAC Wireless, said: “Service men and women are eager to use the skills they learned in the military, and the rollout of 5G is an ideal opportunity to bring them into the telecom workforce. SAC is working hard to bridge the gap between the demand for qualified, trained technicians and the expected upsurge in demand as 5G networks are being deployed in the U.S. Our training centers offer specific tower climbing experience that supplements their experience, providing veterans a refreshed and productive career opportunity after their military service ends.”

You can learn more about SAC by visiting their official pages.