Community Forum: AMA with product & strategy director for Nokia phones in India

Nokia Mobile is organizing an AMA (ask me anything) session with HMD’s director for product and strategy in India Mr. Sanjoy Dass, who has been working on Nokia phones for the last 14 years in Nokia, Microsoft and now HMD. The AMA will be held on Nokia Community Forum, where a dedicated thread was opened for the discussion.

Even though AMA means ask me anything, considering that Sanjoy is the director for India, his answers will probably be related mainly to the market in India. India is a very competitive market and with the Nokia 5.1 Plus and 6.1 Plus last year Nokia Mobile made a good impression by offering the devices at a solid price point, but the competition is even bigger now and it will be interesting to see if HMD can follow the Chinese competitors and Samsung with its new A and M series phones.

If you have a question for Mr. Dass, you can leave it on Nokia Community Forum HERE. He will be responding on Thursday, May 16th, 3-5pm India time (9-11am GMT). Asking about future devices or release dates is usually pointless, but we could find out more about HMD’s after sales services, that aren’t really great looking by the many comments about the faulty USB ports and shady service center (partners’) behaviour in India.