New Nokia Mobile ODMs include Wingtech, TSMT and Huaqin

Earlier this year Nokia Mobile’s manufacturing partner FIH Mobile announced that they changed the exclusive relationship between FIH Mobile and Nokia Mobile, that consisted of FIH taking care of manufacturing all Nokia devices. FIH’s parent company Foxconn separately announced that it is scaling back their phone manufacturing Business and to lower cost FIH did same with Nokia Mobile.

FIH’s financial report showed that they will no longer manufacture all Nokia devices, but only those where they have a sufficient profit margin. They also stopped the distribution of Nokia phones via their company TNS. HMD found new partners that will, alongside FIH Mobile, manufacture new devices, and we already know more about them thanks to some announced and some unannounced devices.

In India, one of the new ODMs that manufactures Nokia phones in the country is TSMT Technology India Private Limited, reports NokiaCamp, adding that the Company is a subsidiary of Taiwan-based TSMT (Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp.), that has 7 manufacturing plants in China and one in India. The info was revealed on the box of the new Nokia 4.2 available in India.

Another new Nokia Mobile partner was revealed in FCC data when Nokia TA-1184 (Wasp) appeared there and was spotted by LoveNokia. The new ODM is Shanghai-based Huaqin, with R&D sites across China, Japan, India and the USA. They have been involved with manufacturing devices for other popular phone brands like LG, Huawei, etc.


The third new ODM was identified by Hikari Calyx via Twitter. The ODM in question is Wingtech and manufactures the Nokia 3.2 and 4.2 (excluding India). Wingtech does R&D and manufacturing for almost all consumer electronic devices (IoT, smart phone, notebook, intelligent hardware, laptop, automotive electronics, etc.).

This info doesn’t really matter for the end user of Nokia phones as long as all phones meet the same quality standards. It is, however, interesting to know the logistics behind a phone’s launch to the market and how much companies are involved.