Video: Nokia 9 PureView fingerprint unlock animations leaked

As the rumored announcement of Nokia 9 PureView is getting closer, and that’s end of January, more info about the device is starting to surface on the web. We already know a lot about the Nokia 9 Pureview, including how it will look, how the cameras could work and that it will run Snapdragon 845. One of the flagship features of the upcoming Nokia 9 PureView is the in-screen fingerprint sensor and today’s leak is about the unlock animations the Nokia 9 PureView will display when a user unlocks the screen via the in-screen fingerprint sensor. found the animations and some images (instructions) for Nokia 9 PureView’s fingerprint unlock system inside the phone’s settings.apk. The users will have a chance to set one of the three included animations for screen unlocking. This will not only make the tech used seem a bit more futuristic, but it is also practical for making the unlocking experience smoother. In-screen fingerprint sensors are a new technology that still needs work to be as fast as traditional fingerprint sensor (as can be seen on Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro), so a nice animation will make it appear more pleasant. You can check them down below.







If this ends up being true, I will be glad to see HMD giving users more options to customize their devices. Nokia 9 PureView is rumored to be announced by the end of January (or at MWC19?).

Source: LoveNokia