Nokia phone updates in UK require more complicated approval process, says HMD’s CPO

I already mentioned in a previous article that Nokia fans on Reddit made an interesting drinking game, making fun a bit of all the Nokia 6.1 users in the UK that always complain that their phone didn’t get an update. It seems there is something in that, because even HMD’s CPO complained (in a way) about the updates in UK on Twitter.


Juho Sarvikas replied to a question on Twitter stating that “UK requires more complicated approval process”, and that’s why, for example, Android Pie still isn’t available for the Nokia 7.1 there. Rollout of Android Pie just started a few days ago for Nokia 7.1, so I don’t think anyone really expected that all devices on all markets will receive the update at the same time, but it’s nice to see some clarification why a particular market takes longer than some other.