Evleaks: Nokia 2.1V coming to Verizon Wireless

The last Nokia-branded device with CDMA radio available to Verizon Wireless customers was the Nokia Lumia 928 or Nokia Icon, announced in 2014. So almost for 5 years customers using CDMA networks couldn’t use a Nokia handset, and since HMD returned the brand on the smartphone market only users of GSM networks could use the new Nokia phones.


This could change soon. According to Evan Blass (@Evleaks), Nokia 2.1V will be HMD’s first device for US carrier Verizon Wireless. It’s basically a Nokia 2.1 but instead of GSM, it should use CDMA standards of connectivity. Evan suggests in some replies that Verizon is testing how well will a Nokia handset do and how they can cooperate with HMD.

The Nokia 2.1V isn’t official yet, so we don’t have a price or release date. The Nokia 2 was (is) priced 99 dollars in the US, so my guess is the 2.1V will be priced the same. If you’re interested in the 2.1, you can find our review here.