Nearly 150,000 registrations for #Nokia 7 in #China via and

In less than 24 hours, or to be precise on 24th October at 10:07 China time, Nokia 7’s sales will start. The 7 is the newest addition to the Nokia family that is, for now, exclusively available in China. It’s already on “pre-orders” or better to say “pre-registrations” at Nokia TMall store, and Pre-registrations means that interested customers leave their email and get notified first when the sales start.

At, almost 110,000 appointments were made for the 4GB and 6GB variant of Nokia 7, as of now. At, nearly 32,000 appointments were made for the 4GB variant, while there is no option to register for the 6GB variant. At the official Nokia store, there are no indicators how many customers registered for the device, but both variants are available.

That gives us about 150,000 registrations (142,000 to be precise, but there is still time), without the ones made at the official Nokia store. It’s still far away from the 1.3 million pre-registrations Nokia 6, HMD’s first smartphone, received. But more than pre-registrations, HMD needs to secure a large enough first batch of devices to satisfy the market, and I think this could be the case this time because when the sales of Nokia 6 started, only was selling it, and now we have three stores that will be selling the 7 from day one.

Source: Nokia 7, Nokia 7, Nokia 7 TMall