#Nokia and #Elisa test #Finland’s first ultra-broadband 10-gigabit network

In an official press release issued today, Nokia said that the Company, in partnership with Elisa, Finland’s internet service provider, successfully tested the first 10-gigabit network in the country.

It’s interesting that over 50% of households in Finland have access to a fixed ultra-broadband connection of 100Mbps, with an ever increasing need for faster data flow in the age of Internet of Things, VR and 4K we are living in.

Nokia’s XGS-PON technology has a 10Gbps symmetrical (downstream and upstream) capabilities, and Nokia says that the use of XGS-PON “will allow Elisa to cost-effectively deliver ultra-broadband access needed for new high-speed, high-quality residential and business services.”

In Finland, the access to a 1Mbps broadband connection is a “legal right” from 2010, and according to BBC, the government pledged to secure 100Mbps broadband connection to every household by the year 2015. By the recent official data about 52% of households have access to a fixed ultra-broadband connection of 100Mbps. Apropos Finland, they rank 2nd in wireless and 18th in fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants according to a research conducted by OECD last year.

What kind of internet access are you using, and are you content with its speed? Tell us down below. 😀

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