Speed Test: #Nokia 6 vs. #Samsung Galaxy S8

YouTuber XEETECHCARE did a speed test comparison video between the Nokia 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Everyone already knows the winner, because the Nokia 6 is a €230 midrange device, while the Galaxy S8 is on the other hand a flagship priced at €800. The 3 times more expensive S8 must have and the S8 has better performance than the 6, but the goal of the video is to see how a cheap phone compares to an expensive one, or in other words, if we just look at performance, is a few seconds faster phone worth 3 times more money?

The video comparison shows that in everyday tasks, mainly opening system apps, the Nokia 6 behaves just like the S8. The 6 handles simple apps in the same way the 6 does, but the real power of Samsung’s hardware shines in games and complex applications. The Nokia 6 with its 4GB of RAM is very good at RAM management as well. Not as good as the S8, but still decent for a low-to-mid range device.

Also, if you are wondering why the S8’s screen is cracked, XEETECCARE did a Galaxy S8 drop test that the phone did not survive, obviouslly. Overall, the Nokia 6 seems to have decent performance in everyday tasks, being a little slow when it comes to games, for a €230 phone using the Snapdragon 430. The global version of the 6 is expected to hit the market this quarter, so we can finally get our hands on and see for ourselves how the phone performs.

What do you think about this comparison? Tell us down below. 🙂