A new Nokia device (TA-1136) passed BT SIG

Last month we saw three new Nokia devices announced by HMD – the Nokia 7.1, the Nokia 3.1 Plus and the Nokia X7. The 7.1 mainly targets the Western markets, though it is also available in the Middle East. Nokia 3.1 Plus is a global device for the offline retail stores, while the Nokia X7 is an online exclusive in China.

An unknown device under the model number TA-1136 was certified by Bluetooth SIG on 2nd November. The certificate shows us that the device features BT5.0, suggesting we are dealing with a midrange or higher end device. The model number doesn’t fit the model numbers of Nokia 7.1 (TA-1097, TA-1095, TA-1100, TA-1085 and TA-1096) and it isn’t the Chinese X7 (TA-1131).

So, what device this might be? My guess is it is one of the variants of the global version of Nokia X7, that we might see soon. Some rumors suggest that the global X7 will be called Nokia 8.1, but it’s all on the level of speculations for now.

A higher end device would fit well in HMD’s portfolio by the end of the year, mainly because of the upcoming holiday season when smartphone sales peek every year.

Source: BT SIG

via: LoveNokia