Oreo Beta and Camera Update available for Nokia 5; reveal… Nokia 8 Sirocco(?)

HMD Global released today a new update for the Oreo Beta running Nokia 5, that brings the January security update and a camera update, as well. The update carries the version number V5.190 and is about 225MB in size, and if you are a member of Nokia Beta Labs, you can download it on your Nokia 5 in Settings->System->System update.

The pre-installed Nokia Camera application was also updated  to version 8.0230.50, from the previous 8.0210.20 version on Nokia 5 with Oreo Beta. I played with the camera for few minutes and it seems faster. I noticed new animations while switching to video or when selecting something from the side menu. The beautify section was re-designed with a bigger slider. Google Photos didn’t break when I tried to edit the photo from Camera, so it could be that this version fixes that bug, too.

(.png) logos from the camera apk on a black background

Other interesting revelations from the new camera version come from inside. Last time, we spotted references to Nokia 1, 4, 7 Plus and 9 in the camera app, while the time before that we found telephoto and wideangle features hidden inside. Now, the .png files where the device names were mentioned have been updated, and now include the ZEISS logo. My guess is that ZEISS is working with HMD on developing and bringing advanced camera algorithms to all Nokia smartphones, so the name of the smartphone is now coupled with ZEISS’ logo (an alternative explanation is ZEISS lens on all devices, but that doesn’t make much sense, only if ZEISS is going to make cheaper lenses). The logos in the first place, I think, are there for the watermark option.



An intriguing new detail from the app is the “Nokia 8 Sirocco” logo. Sirocco, a Mediterranean wind also known as Jugo (eng. literal translation – Southy), is common on the shores of the Adriatic See where we are stationed, and can blow as fast as 120km/h. It’s a sea to land wind, so going for a swim is not advised while Jugo is blowing :). Even though experienced sailors would love to sail on Jugo. I’m not sure what Nokia 8 Sirocco is, but if I have to guess, maybe a new variant of Nokia 8?

Nokia 8 ad Nokia 8 Sirocco (.png) files on a black background

In fact, somewhere I knew that there was a Nokia Sirocco device and while searching for it, the “Nokia 8800 Sirocco” from 2006 popped up. The Sirocco is a gold plated variant of 8800, that was, at that time, the most expensive device Nokia offered (about €2000). Maybe HMD is preparing a gold-plated Nokia 8 for those that like luxury phones.



The Nokia brand is quite popular in the Middle East, primarily Saudi Arabia, UAE and other oil-rich countries, and people there have a high standard of living and I get the impression that they like gold, too. Considering that, the 8 Sirocco could have an addressable market and doesn’t seem as a crazy idea at all. Can you imagine a golden Nokia 8? It would look cool, like Nokia ORO or 8800 before that 🙂


What do you think? Did you install the Oreo Beta on your 5? Is a gold-plated phones a good idea? Tell us down below.

If you want to download the new Camera app APK, you can do it by clicking here, but we cannot guarantee that everything will work on your device.