IDC: In Q2 2017, #Nokia smartphones took 0.4% marketshare; No.11 in Europe; No.5 in Finland

After IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo shared via Twitter that HMD shipped 1.5 million smartphones in the first half of 2017, to the Finnish medium he gave more information about HMD’s sales performance from IDC’s perspective. Before going through new data, it’s good to say that he detailed the 1.5 million units shipped number via Twitter. The number includes Nokia 3, 5 and 6 units that were distributed during Q2 to partners, with the largest volume of Nokia 3, followed by Nokia 6 units. Sales in Q1 were quite small, because it was available/distributed only in China and via flash sales.


In Q2 2017, HMD Global took 0.4% of the global smartphone marketshare. Here we are talking about the number of devices shipped during Q2. Even though it sounds small, IDC’s analyst Jeronimo says: “It’s a great start, considering the real sales happened during a single quarter”. He added that at the moment (probably at the moment or in Q3 that ended last month) HMD is the number 11 smartphone vendor in Europe and number 5 in home land Finland. “It is just the beginning. HMD is completely realistic in saying that in 12-18 months they could be the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in Europe,” says Jeronimo.

The numbers will surely rise in Q3 and Q4, because of broader availability and the sales start of Nokia 8. In my opinion, only that’s important is that HMD sells everything they can manufacturer, thus making the business sustainable. Of course, more sales will mean more money and more investment in R&D and creation of better devices, but one at a time. We are still in year zero of Nokia’s mobile rebirth. 🙂

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