Solution on how to restore original software on Nokia 6 TA-1000 found

If you are a Nokia 6 TA-1000 owner, this News will put a big smile on your face. We discussed earlier, how some export Nokia 6 TA-1000 units, that were sold via Third parties and not official Nokia channels, didn’t have the original software, but a custom ROM. Now, the XDA forums member Quixote78 made a tutorial how to restore original software on the TA-1000. Before going further, we have a disclaimer:

NokiaMob is not responsible for anything that could happen to your device if you try to do below described procedure. You are doing it on your own risk.

I tested the method on my Nokia 6 TA-1000, and it worked. It was fairly simple and didn’t take that much time. All you need to do is described in steps so it is easy to follow. A general advice would be to back your data up. Also, after doing a hard reset, the Play Store is gone, but you can install it from the web.

Taken from XDA forums

Sorry for keep you waiting. Here are instructions to restore original software on TA-1000.
1. Download original software for TA-1000 (build 00CN_3_31A_SP) in nb0 format
2. Download OST LA v6.0.4
3. Download patch
4. Unpack OST LA with 7zip and install on your PC
5. Unpack patch (password 123)
6. Replace an exe file OnlineUpdateTool with an exe file OnlineUpdateTool exracted from the patch and delete OnlineUpdateTool.exe.config in a folder C:\Program Files (x86)\OST LA (see pic.1 and pic.2)

7. Unpack software with 7zip.
8. Start patched OST LA from the above mentioned folder by double left-click on exe file incicated on pic2.
9. If everything is alright the program will run without requesting login and password to hook up with a server.
10. Select the original software.
11. Enter your Nokia 6 into Download mode connected with USB cable to your PC.
12. After your device enter into Download mode, the button Edit Phone Information will be available. Push that button and wait for a error (something like failed to reboot to FTM mode) being appeared. Don’t be so tragical about it. Press OK and see the button Next should be activated..
13. After button Next become active, press on it and and have an eye on the flashing process or have a cup of tea not to kill time.
14. The flashing process takes approx. 358s
15. Your device will reboot and you may congratulate oneself.

NOTE! 1). After your device having been flashed you’ll get the software TA-1000, build 00CN_3_31A_SP and then it’ll get OTA update twice to TA-1000, build 00CN_3_31D, September 1, 2017 security update. 2). After hard reset Google Play and all Gapps will be deleted.

If you have any questions you can ask it in the comment section below, but I am sure you will be better off if you head to XDA forums and ask there, where the author of the tutorial could answer. Also, if you have an XDA account, leave a “Thank you” by clicking the button “Thanks” on the original post.

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  • Wish this was easier. Nokia offers a downloads section and the full ROM packages. So simple, but they want to complicate things.
    Which OEM in today’s world doesn’t offer a way to re-install the phone’s OS?

    • xoxo oxo

      so why they offer full roms if we cannot flash it?

  • Tanvir Ahmmid

    Please can you give Nokia 6 ta-1003 firmware

    • Shrish Mallik

      Wait, why would the play store be gone after hard rest to get to original firmware. Does that mean again download the APK Google service??? And yes, Iam using a Nokia 6 TA 1000 with play store

      • After hard reset, Gplay and apps are gone and you can install it from the web and all works

  • Ranz RZ Munoz

    wow.. thank you so much.. perfectly work on my 64g, 4g RAM nOKIA silver

  • Halik Hakkim

    thank you a lot… it works fine with my nokia

  • Sunny Sharma

    SO we have to do hard rest after getting both updates?
    I also did October update Can
    I now do reset??
    pls reply ASAP.

    • No, you don’t. You can do a hard reset if the phone isn’t working good. I mentioned that because when you do HR, Google play store is deleted and you have to download it from the web.

      • Sunny Sharma

        but stock version is gone also some Chinese written app and app are showing up now phone is looking to annoying

        • A little in the beginning, but you have more personalization options and updates. Delete or block what you don’t like. I removed all that Chinese stuff

          • Sunny Sharma

            I took whole back up of everything After hard reset Will all that stuff go?

          • Sunny Sharma

            But whats the reason that Stock version (It looks awesome) went away after this process ??
            Any possible way can you do to get that back :((

          • Back up via the option in settings? If you sign in with the same Google Account, I guess it should be back. Photos and videos not, unless they are synced with the cloud.

          • Sunny Sharma

            ok thats okay…but pls can we do something about stock version :((

          • Sunny Sharma

            pls reply??

          • You can install a launcher if you don’t like the Chinese UI.

  • Nguyễn Phương Duy

    so can we receive the update package form HMD after doing this?

    • Yep. That’s the whole point of doing the process 😀

      • Nguyễn Phương Duy

        but we still don’t know when the variant will be updated to android 7.1.2 like the others =(((

        • It will eventually, that’s what’s important 🙂 I would love that all phones receive updates at the same time, but at the moment HMD doesn’t have resources for that.

  • Seth

    how do i enter my nokia 6 into download mode?

  • Admir Silic

    TNX SO MUCH i was looking for this for half a year thank you so much

  • Roland

    Where can i download the “TA-1000, build 00CN_3_31D, September 1, 2017 security update. 2” thx for your help