Rumor: Nokia 2 might come along with Nokia MD-22 wireless speaker?

There has been some information that Nokia 2 could be coming to stores in Malaysia at November, but those are not yet verified. Only thing we know so far is that Nokia 2 exists and that according to numerous leaks it should come sometimes till the end of this year. Roland Quandt mentioned that Nokia 2 won’t be coming alone, and many suspects that Nokia 9 could accompany it. Another info, coming from our good Finnish friend Eero Salminen, suggests that HMD might be preparing the wireless speaker to go with the Nokia 2.

This speaker could be marked as MD-22 and continuation to MD-12, with the supposed price between €30 and €40. The price of the Nokia MD-12 was €39, so the price of the new one could be the same.

Wireless speaker is something that is missing in the current range of accessories made by HMD Global. Personally, I think that pushing the cheaper speaker first is a great way to test out the market, and doubt that MD-22 will go unseen. Whoever bought the original MD-12 few years ago, could be thinking of replacing the old speaker.


  • Muerte

    I have the MD-12, and it is still almost in daily use 🙂

    • MD-12 is a great speaker. I wanted to buy it but I already had PlayUP and Coloud speaker so didn’t need another one.

  • steven

    The MD-12 are great little speakers even a few of my non-nokia user friends had them if they can top them off with the MD-22 i’d sure buy one

    • Small, practical and can play up to 15 hours. That is rather cool for €39.

      • steven

        I bought mine for $20 aud so about 10 euros even better offer

  • SIMO

    My Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker is still going strong! Except these days I’m charging my Note8 on it. Can’t wait to use it with a wirelessly charging Nokia Android flagship!