Official #Nokia (online) Store live in #Russia, offering the 8. Other countries coming soon

Nokia store before selling D&S to Microsoft

At the domain, the first official Nokia online store, operated by HMD, is up and running. The store offers the Nokia 8 in all colours for €573, that can also be paid in installments. The official Nokia Store in Russia is also selling the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 3310

Apart from Russia, the official Nokia store, as part of TMaill, is up and running in China, but no smartphones are offered at the moment.

On some local pages, like the German or Polish Nokia page, there is an option to buy (pre-order) the Nokia 8 directly from Nokia for €579 and 2,599PLN (€608), but the “pre-order” button redirects from to the page, meaning the store is still not available for other markets outside Russia.

My guess is that the Nokia Store will be running globally soon, offering the new Nokia phones in the same way Nokia offers its Health Products at