Official #Nokia (online) Store live in #Russia, offering the 8. Other countries coming soon

Nokia store before selling D&S to Microsoft

At the domain, the first official Nokia online store, operated by HMD, is up and running. The store offers the Nokia 8 in all colours for €573, that can also be paid in installments. The official Nokia Store in Russia is also selling the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 3310

Apart from Russia, the official Nokia store, as part of TMaill, is up and running in China, but no smartphones are offered at the moment.

On some local pages, like the German or Polish Nokia page, there is an option to buy (pre-order) the Nokia 8 directly from Nokia for €579 and 2,599PLN (€608), but the “pre-order” button redirects from to the page, meaning the store is still not available for other markets outside Russia.

My guess is that the Nokia Store will be running globally soon, offering the new Nokia phones in the same way Nokia offers its Health Products at

  • Stinger

    HMD isn’t messing around this time. The Nokia 8 launch seems to be going smoothly and quickly. Very agile.

    Will you guys be getting a review unit?

    • Glad they’ve messed the event only .. Hopefully, all gonna run smooth now on.

    • They put their time in manufacturing Nokia 8 and hence the shipments of Nokia 5&6 got delayed imo

      • Stinger

        Maybe. I’m just glad to see them getting their act together.

  • Michael

    Since we have the 3,5, and 6 here in Thailand at least 1 store. I assume the 8 will be here soon.

    So, was out in Bangkok in the nicer shopping areas. Took a look in the phone sections. Not 1 Nokia phone. Furthermore, this place is a city of advertising. No space is safe from some kind of advertisement. Even a couple of hotels rent out the side of their building for for huge building sized adverts. It is crazy. ZERO Nokia presence.

    Sure, not the huge population center of India and China but 60+ million is still worth addressing. Not only that but they have a huge amount of expats and tourist that travel and shop.

    No idea what HMD is doing here but building the brand in a previous strong Nokia area seems to not be on the list other than a lame 15 sec Android ad on an Android app. I took photos on my walkaround and will be sending HMD and Nokia investor relations an email. ….

    hmmm better yet. Think Ill send a tweet yo Nokia and HMD.

    • Same here in India. 🙂 No advertising at all. They started with TV adverts with Nokia Tunes but now they are silent. Their advertising is done by the media 🙂

      • Michael

        Thats great if media is doing the hyping. 🙂 Nothing is happening here. Flying under the radar is good for some activities, but not for rebuilding a once great brand.

        Going back to that shop today to see if they will be getting the Nokia 8, ask a few questions and take a couple pictures. Then see if Hmd, Nokia Mobile, and Nokia Mobike Thailand will answer some questions.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Hey buddy…. Hope all is well. Sorry I’ve been missing lately – I work full-time and I’m currently remodeling my place. Working 14-16 hours daily, so I was totally exhausted.

        But in regards to your comment, Nokia could make a terrific product, yet not market and advertise it. Reason being, they may let the media and bloggers do it for them. This approach has worked very well for Tesla. Tesla does not advertise. But they have word of mouth spreading like wild fire and as it stands, without any marketing, the Tesla model S has outsold the BMW 7 series, the Mercedes-Benz​ S class, and the Audi A8 , combined! These are well established, multi-billion dollar corporations that are a century old, yet some newly made, American company came out of nowhere​, and within less than a decade, completely uprooted the whole industry.

        I’m hoping the Nokia 8 and upcoming Nokia 9 can achieve this. So far, the quick hands on stuff I’ve read about the Nokia 8 have all been very positive …

        • I was thinking you will be upset after knowing that Nokia 8 has LCD screen. 😂
          But you seem to be happy and that’s nice 😊
          I just want one thing improved in all the phones launched by HMD Global and that is the visibility of Nokia logo at front. The logo is not WHITE as it used to be on Lumias. In some cases and situations its barely visible imo.

  • Phone description on that link :-

    Protection against water: IP57

    I guess, they got it wrong.. isn’t it IP54 ?