#Nokia 6 available in the UK for (less than expected) £199

Five months after global announcement, Nokia 6 is available for purchase in the United Kingdom for a less than expected price of £199.99, or €223, which is less than the global average price HMD set at MWC. The 6 can be bought from Carphone Warehouse SIM free for £199.99 or for less by signing contracts with operators. The colors available are Tempered Blue, Silver and Black, with the Copper being out of stock. If you order the phone today, Carphone promises next day delivery.


Back in April, first prices for the Nokia lineup were announced and we weren’t surprised to see the £229.99 (€272) price point for the 6, considering the history of how prices are formed in the UK and rest of Europe. It is surprising, but logical that HMD decided to cut the price of its best smartphone to compensate for the delays customers faced. That’s in fact the only way to make up for the long waitings, and hopefully HMD won’t repeat the same mistake with its future smartphones, especially the rumored Nokia 8.

Carphone Warehouse: Nokia 6

  • Stinger

    Wow! That’s great news. Way to go HMD.

  • Litlleracer

    But you can only order it in UK

    • Correct. Clove only operates inside the UK.

  • Eduard Nicodei

    Does anybody know the TA-10XX that they sell in the UK? Carphone seems to say they have the single SIM model as opposed to the Dual Sim one. Today I went into a shop and they had a TA-1033 model, which indeed, according to http://nokiamob.net/2017/06/27/hmd-modified-the-global-nokia-6-variant-before-release/ only has single SIM.

    Can anyone confirm that UK version only has single SIM?

    • I think all Nokia 6 variants have a hybrid SIM slot, meaning you can put two SIMs or a SIM+MicroSD. Ask the sales person if they know better. I have a Chinese TA-1000 and it’s a hybrid slot here.

      • Eduard Nicodei

        Thanks for the reply stipe, I went today and bought one but unfortunately it doesn’t have a hybrid slot 🙁
        The grooves match a microSD card, but they do not match a second SIM card. The box label shows also a single IMEI number. Bummer.

        • I’m sorry, man. Can you replace it with a Dual-SIM? Also, could you tell me the model number, is it TA-1033?

          • Eduard Nicodei

            No worries, I’ll see if I can replace it and yes, it is the TA-1033.