#Nokia 6 on sale in the #US via Amazon.com

HMD’s first smartphone, the Nokia 6, started conquering the second market after its announcement back in January for the Chinese market. The 6 is officially available in the United States of America via Amazon.com for $229 (€201), but at the moment only in Black. The Nokia 6 can be bought for $50 off if you’re an Amazon Prime member and can handle Amazon ads on lockscreen.

If you don’t want the Nokia 6 in Black, Amazon offers the Copper and Tempered Blue version for pre-order, but it will be available for delivery in August. You can check Amazon here. Just a note, the phone only works on T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s network, with partially supporting AT&T’s 4G.

A user posted on Twitter the photo of the Nokia 6’s box, and it differs from the Chinese version. I like it more than the Chinese packaging.


  • Viccky maurya

    Lucky USians…🙄🙄…

    Can somebody explain me

    Nokia Lumia 830- 10MP/Carl Zeiss/PureView/OIS – Priced at Rs. 28000($435)

    Nokia Lumia 735- 6.7MP/Carl Zeiss.- Priced at Rs. 19000($295)

    Microsoft Lumia 640XL- 13MP/Carl Zeiss. – Priced at Rs.15000($235)

    So how could it be possible? How and Why did MS give 13MP Zeiss camera in $235 phone whereas Nokia give only 6.7 &10 MP Zeiss Camera in $295 & $435 phone? 🤔🤔

    • Rce

      640xl was Microsoft’s last option to survive in the midrange market ,and Lumia 830 was a pureview technology based device while lumia 640xl was with just carl zeiss camera,and also the final output of cameras in lumia 830,730 were much better than 640xl..

  • Robert

    Downgrading of mobile started, without we noticing it, couple of weeks after Satya Nutella👍 took over

  • roxysoxy

    The U.S. version also doesn’t have a notification LED, which to me is a huge mistake on HMD’s part!