Update for Chinese Nokia 6 (TA-1000) brings support for Google Play

Chinese version of the Nokia 6 (TA-1000) got the official software update that enabled the installation of the Google Play apk and latest July security update. This is great news for everybody who purchased the Chinese version of the device, which did not have the possibility to use the Google applications, or Google Play service.

The information came from the reliable source, and NPU also got the same tip, so you should be able to start updating your TA-1000 device. The size of the update is around 380 MB.


Tell us if everything went OK.


  • I hate HMD Global. They are just using “Nokia 3 Demand” to cover their mistakes. I can’t express how angry I am right now. I have canceled my plan of buying a Nokia 6. I don’t want any Nokia from HMD Global. That’s it.
    Who told them to make phones in India from Indians? We are fine with Made in China phones. Even old Nokia phones were imported from China to be sold in India. They are just giving excuses. And that price benefit of making phones in India. I don’t think that should affect much. They are selling their phones for almost double the manufacturing cost. They could have imported the phones in India and sold at this price. This is very bad, I don’t trust this company. They are just ruining Nokia name. Do you really think this company can handle after sales service? I don’t think there are any Nokia Mobile Cares in China where the phone is now available for almost 6 months. Deadline after Deadline. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH Even Nokia 5 will be available in Mid June according to them. Someone should seriously put some pressure on them. I can’t believe this. 5 months is what they need to produce phones? Why make an announcement about it then.
    VicckyMaurya now I understand what were you feeling that day. This is very bad and this is making me angry :((((
    Hope EricLovesSymbian got his new phone today πŸ™‚

    • Viccky maurya

      Now you get it …. The reality is Nokia stooped making phones after 2012…..I was doubted HMD when they took almost 3 months to launch Nokia 150 in India and now that doubt has turned into confidence. HMD is Highly Mental Disorder…. Wth???😑

      • plz keep it simple and nice to read πŸ™‚ No abusive stuff plzzzz πŸ™‚

    • This is not new buddy. Nokia has always been like that. Slow launches and outdated when available. I believe this has something to do with a finnish mentality. They seem to not be the risk takers and want to play safe. Not willing to change.
      Don’t forget that the staff and the team is almost the same. And they stupidly want to conquer the whole world in one go. Instead of giving their best to the fans, they went with offering their weakest i.e the Nokia 3.

      They can do after sales. At least in India, they have the exact same service points as before. So, all good. Availability of spares is another thing now, but they have the space where customers can go and have their device inspected.

      BTW what you’ve read is a standard PR response. For any companybthe response will he somewhat the same. That’s what they are hired for.

      • This is much slower compared to any other launches. In past they never pushed the launch dates again and again. And that was Windows Phone time. It was always new and advanced in WP arena. This is Android where we see new phones launched every day. ZUK Z2 Plus is available for Rs11k. Is IT A GOOD BUY?

        Yeah man. Why start with Nokia 3 πŸ™

        • Viccky maurya

          I think now I should buy Moto G5…

          • But you have a Vivo. But if you really want it grab it today on Amazon before its gone. πŸ˜› Prime Day sale is on πŸ™‚

          • Viccky maurya

            I sold that in today morning for Rs. 6500 😊

          • Sach bol nai liya tha na πŸ˜›

          • Hahahahaha!

          • Viccky maurya

            Bhai, box ki foto upload kar duga

          • OK OK LOL

          • Wo toh mai bhi kar du lol

          • I was waiting for Z2 plus from morning.. I thought they might reduce the price to around 7k. I would have bought it at 7k πŸ˜›

          • Haha! Indians will be Indians πŸ˜€

          • Viccky maurya

            So the HMD India πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • Absolutely xD

          • LOL. Arey I thought Prime Days might have big offers yaar πŸ˜› It was available for 10k on flipkart πŸ˜›

          • Hehehe.. Ab woh khud lut jaye kya prime day k chakkar Mein? :p

          • Aise nai bol raha hu LOL. Ab kal morning me deal dekh TCL pe 55″ ke tv me HD ready wala free hai. Jisko 2 ki jaroorat hai uske liye oth best deal hai na woh. And US me bhi oth kabhi kabhi BOGO deals hoti hai jaha same product free me milta hai ek ke purchase pe πŸ™‚

          • But first of all TCL. Then 60k for the 55-inch. There is ample room to cover the costs of 32″ and still make profit. Business online is different πŸ˜€

            If I’ll buy a TV I’ll buy a Mi TV. But since I’ve stopped watching tv for years now, I’d rather not buy a tv :))

          • You know what. I have bought phones on amazon.in for Rs.300 and Rs.200 too πŸ˜› But i don’t find such offers from past few months. πŸ˜›

          • Loot deals will keep coming and going :’)

          • Rce

            Bhai don’t go for lenovo zuk phones,you won’t get updates and several issues are there,also camera is average..

          • tu bhi Indian hai kya LOL. I know about updates and camera but other hardware is capable. πŸ™‚ BTW I am not buying it πŸ™‚

          • Rce

            Yup Indian,good decision

          • Rce

            Wait for G5s plus with dual cameras,android 7.1.1

          • Buy a OnePlus 5 😎

          • OP5 is 32k+ G5 is 12k πŸ˜›

          • Hahaha! Idk whatever. I recommend this phone. That means i love it!
            Fluid like butter <3

        • Actually Nokia was just the same. Not announcing any dates. Simply like.. Estimated retail price EUR X, available from Q3. I remember how I was so thrilled for the Nokia 920. But the launch really took ages. Surely not this long, but it was still long. Then Nokia had its own factories :p

          Hardware keeps getting outdated everyday and they keep becoming cheap πŸ˜€

          • Yeah, but it was max 3 months wait I think. πŸ™‚

          • It was their event then. This time they just used the stage of MWC to get a wider media coverage :p

            I’m hopeful that their 2nd range of devices will be delivered more appropriately πŸ™‚

      • Honor 6X is available for 11k to πŸ™‚

  • Viccky maurya

    Wohoo! Where are you guys @stipe1906 @loveNokia @singhnsk @EricLovesSymbian I have the best news of 2017. Read it here… … https://nokiapoweruser.com/hmd-india-humbled-nokia-3-demand-nokia-5-6-sales-start-mid-august-now/ Cheers!!!

    • thats what i wrote down πŸ™

    • Already concluded that a few days ago after contacting Nokia stores.


      • This feels like they are making fun of their FANS πŸ™ I am crying from inside. Waited for so many months/years. Always tried spreading good words about Nokia between friends and family. And when its time for Nokia to show how good they are and prove themselves these things happen πŸ™ :(((

        • Viccky maurya

          My 4 freinds shifted to other company because of delaying

        • Chill buddy. Fans aren’t slaves. Just enjoy your life πŸ™‚ That’s what I am doing. I bought the OnePlus 5 for a reason. Fanboyism aside, I know what i need πŸ™‚ It wouldn’t be any wise for me to go from the best processor to the weakest.

          • Using Nokia phones always and proving urself a big nokia fan among frnds and family. Always braggin about Nokia. All these thing make it difficult to switch. πŸ™ People laugh. Bolenge “Bada Nokia Nokia karta tha ab dekho. Kaha gaya tera Nokia? I don’t want to hear these lines. But I also don’t want to switch. But after making a plan which got ruined by one single announcement makes me angry. I wanted Nokia 6 just for its DESIGN. πŸ™‚ I wanted Copper but after reading this announcement i Think that colour will be pushed to september. πŸ™

          • Same thing was with me. But it’s okay. Now that it is not available, it just is not. You have fun with your life πŸ™‚

            Or you can just import one from China πŸ˜€ There’s always a way,right?

          • Indian Customs and also i am afraid. πŸ˜› Never imported stuff LOL. And after thinking about importing from China i get more afraid LOL

          • I’ve imported countless things. The amazfit pace which i wear daily was imported from China :’)
            Customs is a problem tho. But you gotta take those risks to retain your fan status lol

          • There are no fixed rates. It is based on their mood LOL.

          • Exactly πŸ˜€

          • Viccky maurya

            Not in september, but next year only.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Viccky maurya

    Everyone is busy exploiting ‘Nokia’. First of all, Stephen Elop exploited Nokia, then Microsoft Exploited Nokia and now HMD is there to exploit Nokia on which they are working hard.

    • Ask me and I feel Elop’s time was a very good period for Nokia and its fans. He delivered things to the Nokia users. The designs were a love, so were the cameras.
      OS, maybe not, but it was still better than the Windows 10 shit we have today πŸ˜€

      • I agree with these things. The only problem was “The Burning Platform” Memo and destroying Meego πŸ™
        Yes, WP8.1 is way better than W10M πŸ˜›

        • The burning platform memo made sense. It was an inside memo, made sense to be communicated to the employees. Meego had its own problems, let’s not get into all the same discussion again πŸ˜€

          • Still Symbian was better than WP7 at that time and could have helped Nokia to survive a little bit longer at least in budget segment and also accept changes. πŸ™‚

          • But MS gave Nokia the money. For every phone that shipped with Windows Phone. I believe that was needed for a business which was running fast towards losses.

          • They could make a perfect deal IMO. Both the companies needed each other’s support and Microsoft needed it much more than Nokia. Nokia could have reached to a better deal. Microsoft was afraid of Nokia going Android route so they would have agreed to the conditions Nokia kept. πŸ™‚

          • Hemedans

            I hope you know ellop effect and you read it before. Elop was a disaster. Someone who replaced symbia s60v3 with Nokia Asha.

            When Ellop take charge Nokia was Bigger than samsung and Apple combined, but He leave Nokia with 1/8 of samsung’s sale.

            When Nokia 5230, Hero Device sold more than 150m units, Elop think symbian was No more and should be discontinued.

            Nokia was big company, they could make windows phone, android, java, meego, symbian device without any problem, but instead he decide to stick with only windows phone.

            Its like turning big company like toyota into candy factory,

          • Well Said πŸ™‚ Yes! This is what i wanted to say. This is what they could/should have done. But elop ruined it πŸ™

      • Viccky maurya

        Yes, thats why I wanted Elop as Leader of HMD. And BTW I am also missing Jorma Ollila…

  • Viccky maurya

    Another great news is Microsoft ending mainstream support for WP 8.1 tommorow.😊😊

  • Hemedans


    This prove my earlier point, you cant install playstore without oem support, those oneplus and xiaomi had google framework pre installed.

    • Nope they didn’t. In this case, you’re actually suggested to install Play Store alone. This means Play Services are somehow baked within this update. Quite strange for a device to be sold in China.
      Anyways, in the other case (which we discussed), you were required to install Google services as well.

      • Hemedans

        But Nokia 6 didnt, even if you install playservice, which show phone need support first, and i gave you link on cerficate. Oem should be certified by google first before preloading playstore. My guess HMD was not certified when they release Nokia 6 in china.

        • Did you try installing all Google services on the 6?
          I agree about the certification. I might be wrong here, but why would a ROM made for China even include those Google elements when Google isn’t allowed in China? So, what is the reason to include that in Hydrogen OS which was exclusively for OnePlus phones sold in China.

          Anyways, cannot say much about Nokia’s setup since I never managed to use that.

          • Krishna Vishwanath

            If I follow this method do I have chances to get the update of Oreo when it releases

          • Yes. When it is released for Nokia 6 TA-1000, Oreo should be available

  • Guys, any of the comments wasn’t remotely related to the topic. Please, try to stick to the topic or transfer yourself to the discussions page. Cheers

  • Green Rock
  • Fervic

    Got a TA-1000 for a month now. System is at May 2017 patch and 7.1.1 Nougat, checked for any updates but none is available. Item was purchased from a reseller based in China and I’m using the phone here in the Philippines. How can I possibly get this update? Thanks! Also, the reseller is giving me the option that they can flash the unit from TA-1000 to TA-1003 for a minimal fee do I have to go through that or will I still get the monthly updates by doing something?

    • Did your TA-1000 came with the Google play? If it did, then reseller probably flashed it with TA1003 firmware and you cant get any future updates

      • Fervic

        Yes it did. So basically after a couple of years the phone will not receive any updates at all? Or is it possible that this unit will receive an update but I will have to wait for a long time? They give me an option to flash the phone from TA-1000 to TA-1003, do you think I should go through with that option? Thanks!

        • Usually phones with custom ROM cannot receive Over the Air updates. You have to manually flash the device, but we’re still waiting for a method to do that. I have a TA-1000 with April security update.

          • Fervic

            When they customized the ROM does it mean that they opened the phone physically as part of the process? Or did they do that by connecting the phone through a desktop?
            Sorry I’m a newbie.

          • Custom ROM basically means software (OS) that is not the original one the phone came with. TA-1000 before the July (or June) update didn’t support Google Play, and some retailers somehow installed the OS from TA-1003 that has Google Play. But, as with almost all custom ROMs, you can’t get OTA updates and for new versions of Android have to flash your device, or manually install the OS. Currently, we are waiting for a method to do this.
            Edit: Answer to your question is desktop. πŸ™‚

    • Md Rahim Uddin

      I had the same problem. I have found a solution a few days ago on youTube. I will suggest you this video https://youtu.be/pLVc5M58oPE . I hope you will also be helped. Thanks.

      • Fervic

        Thanks man! Will try this out.