Rumor: HMD & #Xiaomi in strategic partnership; #Nokia phones to use Surge S1 SOC?! *UPDATE: FAKE NEWS*

To make it clear from the very beginning, this could be Fake News. Chinese sources claim, as reported by, that HMD Global, the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand, and Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi signed a strategic partnership under which HMD will use Xiaomi’s Surge S1 chipset in one of its upcoming Nokia-branded smartphones.

This is not the first time a Chinese manufacturer is mentioned in the context of entering into strategic partnerships with Nokia. Every time a new phone is ready to be launched, Chinese phone maker Meizu starts the rumor mill that Nokia is either licensing its camera tech to Meizu, or, more recently, that the Nokia 6 will use Meizu’s OS and technology. That’s a clever, but unjust way to promote your devices.

Back to Xiaomi. They seem to be a more mature company than Meizu, and it’s fair to say that this rumor didn’t come from Xiaomi directly, but from internet forums. The claim’s been made that an upcoming Nokia mid range device will use the Xiaomi Surge S1 chipset. So far, no Geekbench entry or rumor ever mentioned Surge S1, in contrary, we know that HMD is testing Nokia-branded phones with Snapdragon 660 and 835 platforms.

The Surge S1 comes with 8 Cortex A53 cores with 4 x 2.2GHz + 4 x 1.3GHz and MaliT860MP4@800MHz GPU. In a detailed test against Snapdragon 625 and Mediatek P20 that was made by XiaomiToday, the Surge S1 is on the level of Snapdragon 625. The conclusion goes as follows:

Although, you might rank the SoCs with Antutu benchmarking, that’s not the proper way. Snapdragon 625 gained the last position when it came to GPU and 2nd in performance. But, it’s the best heat efficient, energy saving SoC among the three. Plus, it has the most advanced 14nm process node in mid-range chipsets. Whereas, Xiaomi Surge S1 gained the last position concerning CPU and heat dissipated. But it topped GPU test and durability test with a huge gap. If Xiaomi Surge S1 would have used a 16nm or 14 nm process instead of 28nm and the games would be optimized with the SoC, it would have easily beaten Snapdragon 625 and even MediaTek P20 as well. Better luck next time Xiaomi Surge!

Android Authority did a good piece about the Surge S1 when it was announced, and you can check it out here.

I personally think HMD should stick exclusively with Qualcomm, because it’s a well-known and respected brand. I understand that’s good for a Company to have more suppliers, because of the leverage over price negotiations and logistical capabilities. Also, brands like MediaTek tend to offer their chipsets at a lower price, thus being the clear option for low end devices. The Surge S1, however, is currently only to find in the Xiaomi Mi5c, that retails for about €300 according to, so I don’t know if the chipset is that affordable to ditch Qualcomm for it.

All in all, this is a rumor and should be treated as a rumor. I personally don’t think this will happen, but I didn’t believe HMD will use MediaTek’s chipsets either. If it comes to be true, maybe the Surge S1 powered device will be a China exclusive or maybe the successor of Nokia 3 will have that or the next generation of this chipset next year.

We contacted HMD for an official comment about this rumor, but at the time of writing this article HMD didn’t respond. We will update the article with official statement when or if HMD responds.



Update: As we suspected, this is a fake News pushed online and the user of the Internet forum that did this admitted it.

  • Viccky maurya

    If the news is true then, I dont know why HMD is distracting itself in processor area. They should either chose a single particular chipset provider (only Qualcomm)or should build their own processors( which is impossible at the moment).

    • The old Nokia was trying to find a way to ditch Qualcomm for NovaThor processor, but it all died Not a strange behaviour

      • Viccky maurya

        It was really strange. Btw do Mediatek processors support Windows Phone OS?

        • No, just Qualcomm Snapdragon (820, 810, 808, 617, 210…).

          • Hey check this phone. I would love to see these kind of phones from Nokia. 😛

            This is what i like. Thick Fat Chunky 🙂 😀
            Nokia should introduce different families of smartphones.
            Performance Series(where everything in top notch), Marathon Series(Where we get such gigantic batteries in our phones along with the above mentioned Surge S1 processor and camera from performance series) and Budget phones.
            Same as they did with C,E,N,X Series. 🙂
            That will be a dream come true.

          • For the majority this is not the right phone 🙂 Someday

          • Yeah 🙁 But i am OK with it. But there shuld be at least 1000000 who might like this phone out of 7billion people 😛

          • Viccky maurya

            They are not in position to take risks at this moment 😂, they may take risk in future like they did in past. 😀

          • Hemedans

            What is the point of having 10,000mah phone which look like a brick and get poor battery life compare to 4000/5000mah well optimized phone?

            I do remember how phone like xperia z3 compact with mere 2600mah battery last longer than 4000/5000mah mediatek phones.

            With best chipset and right optimization even 3000mah is enough, just check galaxy A series 2017 versions, small batteries, longer usage time.


            This phone has only 2350mah, i cant wait to see benchmarks of galaxy fair with 3000mah and almost same specs.

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes, high mAH batteries looks like evil…😂optimization is key to everything.

          • Yes, you are correct. But if they put 10k mAh along with better chipset and optimizations the phone will run much longer. If not 10k then around 7k. The thickness increases because of such a huge battery but they can use that thick space to add a bit bigger speakers and make them rugged like CAT smartpones. 🙂
            The Chinese always think of doing something unique. And they are not wrong. They have succeeded sometimes. 🙂

          • Hemedans

            Dont forget weight, that Gionee phone weigh 250 gram or more,

            I do remember people used to bash lumia 920 as a brick, and it was only around 180 gram.

            Lets hope there will be technology breakthrough and manufacture can put more mah without extra heat and weight. Samsung has one but i dont think it prove that much.

            My Nokia Lumia 1320 weighs 298 grams. And I like that weight. And as JerryRigEverything says “phones with a little weight give us a feeling of good build quality and sturdiness”. 😊

          • Rocky

            Marathon? Sounds like Gionee LOL 🙂

          • I named it Power but then i edited the post 😛

      • This is from 2011 and Nokia never used those processors.

        • Yes, I know, but they tried to move from Qualcomm that was used then on L800 & 700. The N9 used an Texas Instruments SOC

  • LOL