#Nokia 9 (TA-1004) visits #Geekbench 3 and claims best result

Last week we finally saw leaks about the upcoming Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9. First, we found out that HMD is working on 3 devices using Snapdragon 630, 660 and 835 platforms, coupled with 3GB and 4GB of RAM for the most powerful one. A day after, real-life images of Nokia 9 emerged on the web. Frandroid got their hands on the device, and revealed the dual-lens camera and specifications. This time, Nokia 9 visited the Geekbench 3 test and scored the best result in multi-core, and second best in single-core performance. Geekbench 3 calls the device TA-1004, which fits perfectly into HMD naming scheme, and confirms Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and Android 7.1.1.

Geekbench3 results by GSMArena.com

Although some of the rumors suggested 6GB of RAM for HMD’s flagship, the Nokia 9 with 4GB performs on-par or even better than the rest of Android devices with identical specifications like the Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi 6 or Xperia XZ Premium. Apple single-core performance is unbeatable, so no surprise that the Hurricane core on the iPhone destroy the Kryo core on Snapdragon 835. The 3-5% better performance on Geekbench 3 compared to similar Android devices, Nokia 9 could thank the “pure” Android it runs on. HMD decided not to customize OS with additional software, making the Android experience on Nokia devices on-par with Pixels, and that means best on the market.

If you somehow missed the Nokia 9 story with pictures and specifications, you can catch up here.

What do you think about Nokia 9 and is 4GB enough for a flagship smartphone in 2017? 🙂

via: GSMArena.com

Source: Geekbench 3

  • Could it be that we will see a global Nokia 9 version with 4GB RAM, and an limited edition/China version with 6GB RAM? So the same they did with Nokia 6.

    • No. Nokia 6 was a mid range device. The Chinese version doesn’t have google services too. Also, the competition from other Chinese companies is tough so they had to fight on the ground of specifications in China. Nokia 9 will be a flagship so it will have same specs wherever they launch it. If it has a 6gb variant then I will say it is Nokia 9. Nokia 8 will have SD660 coupled with 4gb of ram and Nokia 7 will have SD630 with 4gb of ram. I would also like to say that the recent appearances of Nokia 9 on geekbench shows it will have 5.27″ screen which I think is too small and Nokia 9 will have at least 5.5″+ display. May be, Nokia 7/8 has that 5.27″ display. 😊

      • Let’s not forget that Sammy is selling the S8 with 6GB in China and Korea. I agree about the screen size, even though there will always be people wanting smaller screens, just like there are people always wanting bigger.

        • Ohh yeah lol i forgot about s8 with 6gigs in China 😛

        • Are other countries out of the reach of Chinese OEMs? So many devices here in India now with 6GB of RAM. The OnePlus 3 which I use has the 6GB.
          I’m sorry Nokia, but I do not want to go down. You’ll charge me lots more and still sell me a 4GB RAM phone. I’m sorry, I’ll buy the OnePlus 5 instead. no matter how much I love you, Nokia.

          As for screensize, can we not have an iPhone Nokia? Similar power but smaller screen and smaller of battery and smaller of other things which are not possible to be pushed into a less taller chassis? Why not offer the same CPU power to smaller screen lovers?

          • Jep, same specs with different screen size and battery would be perfect.

  • Rocky

    Why they can’t use better rear camera housing design, like N8. If Asus can do that with their Zenfone AR (looks like Nokia N8 back), why HMD can’t? My opinion btw 😁

    • Yes, that’s the word i was searching for “Camera Housing”. You are 100% correct. 🙂 Its OK to use this camera housing design but it doesn’t look good on meta phones according to me. Or may be i am used to see those mirror finish camera designs on N9, NL 800, 900, 920. 🙁 it blends in with the outer body of the phone and doesn’t protrude. But the recent camera housings protrude which i hate. I hate the way the protrude. It isn’t as seamless as on the Lumia 925, 1520, 1020, etc 🙂 I fyou know what i am trying to say. Below is an image of what i am trying to say 🙂

      • These are made of polycarbonate but still they have the best design till date IMO. 🙂 I would say Lumia’s under Nokia had the best design and no one has touched that mark according to me. Many will argue S8’s have great design but i wouldn’t agree. Phones are not meant to be made of complete glass. A phone will fall at least once in its lifetime and glass is not the way to go as it will surely break. They aren’t well built phones. lol They are just a gimmick to me 😛
        Poly carbonate is the best choice as it is easy to mould them in whatever design you decide.add whatever colour we want and it has the best durability too 🙂

      • Rocky

        Agree, the bulge of Lumia’s camera looks blend perfectly to the body, the HMD’s camera bulge a bit rough I think.

  • Camera – better than others
    Design – better than others

    IDC what the CPU is if the phone handles the tasks well. But if Nokia fails the above two. It’s just a few more years and Nokia phones will be gone for good.

    • Same here. I don’t care for any specs. I just want a good designed phone that has the best camera out there. It should be the best at every price point compared to the competition. 4gigs of RAM is more than enough for a phone. No use of playing specs game every time.