#Nokia 6 codename was Plate, because it’s built around a metal plate

One of the most surprising features of the new Nokia 6 is definitely its build quality. HMD managed to create a flagship-like device in terms of build quality at a €229 price point. Thanks to Zack from JerryRigEverything, we found out that HMD used a clever engineered metal plate between the screen and internals, thus increasing the overall construction, durability and making the device easy to repair. Today, HMD’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas shared via Twitter that Nokia 6’s codename was in fact “Plate”, because of the metal plate which holds the construction of the device.


The plate is connected with the housing via 19 screws, and together with the rest of the components form an solid phone, whose build quality test can be seen in the video below. You can find Zack’s repair video and pictures here.


Another interesting photo Juho shared is about the manufacturing process of the new 3310. In fact, it’s a photo of a tool used to manufacture the original 3310, but Juho revealed that the same workshop is creating tools for manufacturing the new 3310. Check it down below.


What do you think, if the Nokia 6 was codenamed Plate, what’s the codename for the 3, 5 or 3310? Tell us down below. 🙂

  • So, the codename D1C was given by the inscription on the cables from the phone internals :).

  • We will have to open up the other 2 smartphones to see whats inside and then we can give a code name 😛 Nokia 3310 = Nokia Legend?

    • Good point. Who knows… Did you locate any store with the 3310? Nokia Mobile on Facebook says “it’s available across top mobile stores starting today”. One user mentions “lajpat nagar market” in New Delhi, that’s a mall, right?

      • You read a lot of comments on Nokia Mbile fb page 😛 I read a similar thread about the “Lajpat Nagar Market” or it might be the same thread which you read. So, “Nagar” translates to “Area”. Lajpat Nagar is an area and i think the were saying about the market in that area. Ia m not from Delhi but i can assure you that those markets are huge with many retailers situated at that place. It is not a mall 😛 Another place in Delhi is Cannaught Place. Its similar to the other market. 🙂
        Yes!!!! I found a retailer near my house who said the Nokia 3310’s will arrive tomorrow afternoon 🙂 And he is not a major retailer. But he is the best around my house. 😛

      • The answer of Nokia Mobile is just a copy paste. 🙁 They didn’t reply me 🙁 We are sorry you feel that way. We assure you the wait will be worth it. The phones are available with all major retailers, etc etc. 😛

  • marty farrell

    Can call the 7…Late ?

    • The 7 no, but 3, 5 and 6 could be a little. The 7 is rumored to use Snapdragon 660, that will start shipping end of this month to partners.

      • marty farrell

        Stipe, could you please clarify ? Do you expect something in relation to the 7 soon ? Are the 5 and 6 going to be late, especially in the US ?

        • In my opinion the 3, 5 and 6 should’ve been available 2-4 weeks after announcement (and HMD said shortly after announcement they will be available), and that’s why I say they are a little late. The last rumor about the 7 was that it is going to have the Snapdragon 660 as the SoC, and Qualcomm announced that we can expect phones with 660 next month,and that they will start shipping the soc end of this month to manufacturers. I expect in June or July the 7 announcement, with August sale start. That is a good time for a phone with 660 that will be 2-3 months old then.

        • Nokia 6, 5 and 3 will be available worldwide soon, in the next two weeks. Regarding the Nokia 7 and 8, or even 9, we will see those phones in the coming months. There were some problems in the shipments of premium Snapdragon processors and as Stipe mentioned, Snapdragon 660 will soon be available for manufacturers, and those chips will give power to upper mid and top class.

          • marty farrell

            Thanks Stipe,Thanks Mightym. Please pass along to any contacts you may have that releasing info on 7 as 5 & 6 are put out for sale is good business. Buyers should be able to make an informed decision on the mid-range before spending…less money on the lower range. Bring in 7 at an incremental price-point and buyers of 6 move up…and do not experience buyers remorse…and resentment.

            Create goodwill.

  • Check this interview of Juho Sarvikas at Indian Launch Event 🙂 Listen carefully 🙂
    “Obviously we left some numbers unused”

  • This unboxing is in hindi and this guy is in “Kamla Nagar Market” Which is another mobile phone market in New Delhi. You can see what the market look like in background.
    Btw the best part about this video is the retailer from where he is buying a Nokia 3310 has only 3 units to sell for today as the quantities are limited. and every Nokia 3310 buyer will get a special gift and a flower bouquet.
    I hope i get a similar surprise tomorrow. 😛 If its not like that i will search for a bigger retailer 😛

    • Tell us your first thoughts when you get the phone in your hands. 🙂

      • LoveNokia

        I am not buying it 😜 I’ll wait for the limited edition packaging which is to be announced soon. 😁

  • Guys, new Nokia 3310 is really indestructible 😛
    Check this out 🙂

  • Nokia 3310 is also Made in India.. 🙂

    • Glad to hear that. Is it in Nokia’s Chennai factory or in other FIH facility?

      • Its made by FIH. Nokia’s Chennai factory must be with Nokia I think. Not heard anything related to that factory recently.
        Manufactured by Rising Stars…something. 😊

        • The factory wasn’t sold to Microsoft because of tax problems, and FIH/Foxconn was trying to lift the ban and lees or buy it from Nokia.

          • I know that but what happened next is not known now. Haven’t read it anywhere