#Nokia 6 amazes in build quality/repair review. Gets called “TANK”

After doing a durability test of the Nokia 6, YouTuber JerryRigEverything decided to dig deeper to find the secret behind the extraordinary build quality of a €229 device. We already reported about the “full monty” of the Nokia 6 and the whole photo gallery of the 6’s internals can be found here, but it’s a different experience watching a step-by-step disassembly with good commentary.

Jerry found out that the secret behind Nokia 6’s build quality is a solid metal midplate placed between the motherboard and the screen. Overall 19, nineteen screws surrounding just the metal midplate. It’s worth to note that the screen, fingerprint sensor and battery are easy to replace, and also the battery features the Nokia logo in a different font.

The screen and battery connectors are protected with a metal bracket held by one screw. The only thing to do to replace the screen, after heating and carefully lifting it up from the housing, it to remove the screw and unplug the battery and screen from the mother board. There is no need for removing the metal plate held by 19 screws so kudos to HMD for offering a very simple way of repairing the device.

The battery is attached with easily removable strips to the metal midplate and has pull tabs so no force is necessary in removing the battery. Below the midplate, six more screws are holding the motherboard to the frame. Both cameras, front and rear are easily replaceable, while the LED flash is fixed to the motherboard. A lot of components have the D1C name on it, and as we know – D1C was the codename for the Nokia 6.

JerryRiggsEverything praises the way the Nokia 6 is built and puts the phone on the top of the list best built and easiest to repair phones on the market. You should definitely watch the video down below.

HMD did not disappoint with Nokia 6 build quality, and the phone can proudly carry the Nokia brand.

It really is “like a tank” and a worthy son of 3310. 🙂 What do you think?

Thanks LoveNokia for the tip. 🙂