#Nokia Mobile local Facebook page for #India, Hong Kong and #France available

Nokia Mobile decided to use Facebook’s “switch region” feature and create local Facebook pages for India, Hong Kong and France. The “switch region” feature basicaly changes the default Nokia Mobile Facebook page to a localized one. At the moment, only 3 local pages are available, but we guess more will come in time. To change Regions of the Nokia Mobile Facebook page, just follow the instructions down below.

  1. Open Nokia Mobile on Facebook (link) and click the 3 dots next to the “share” button.
  2. Select Switch Region, then “default page” and change your region. After changing your region, click “Save Preference”.

Your Nokia Mobile Facebook page region should now be changed. On the page for France, India and Hong Kong there is already localized content, and for folks that want to receive just country-specific news, it’s a good thing to set the wanted country as default.

Thanks LoveNokia for the tip. 🙂


#Nokia 3310 to be available in #France on 22nd May + unboxing by Nokians.fr

#Nokia 3310 (2017) available in #India this week for INR3310 (€47)

  • I was travelling in a bus and was watching a Nokia 3310 hands on video on my Nokia Lumia 1320 and a teenage boy sitting besides my got very excited after looking at my Nokia Lumia 1320 and interrupted me and asked “Is this the new Nokia android smartphone?” His excitement was at another level. He was so loud that other passengers around turned to see my phone LOL 😛 I said NO this is not the new Nokia android smartphone. Then he asked me which one is this? I said its a Lumia and then he put on his headphones and started listening to music and the conversation stopped. 😛
    this happened just 1hr30 mins ago P

  • The major retailers have no info about the new Nokia 3310 launch tomorrow 🙁
    One local shopkeeper said it should arrive by the end of this month around 25th may. 🙂

    • Someone will start selling it tomorrow…

      • Other big retailers are too far from my house so i couldn’t go there and the place where i went was a small showroom of a big retailer. Their big store is too far 🙁

        • The coming day will show who will be the first to sell the 3310

  • If you double press the power button on new Nokia smartphones it launches the camera 🙂

    • Yes, someone already mentioned that in the comments