#HMD will have access to #Nokia’s “in-house” technologies

Arto Nummela
Arto Nummela

In a recent interview with gadgets.ndtv.com, HMD’s CEO Arto Nummela gave some interesting details about the collaboration between Nokia, HMD and Foxconn.

What is Nokia bringing to the table?
Nummela: “We are not only licensing the brand, we are buying the capability on the IPR side, IPR protection for us, and then we are also looking for collaboration to utilise the unique technologies Nokia has in-house to enhance the user experience.”

Editor’s note: What these technologies are was not elaborated upon, and a follow-up query confirmed that technologies such as PureView, for example, will remain with Microsoft.

Arto repeated that the upcoming smartphones will carry the Nokia logo, and will be “truly Nokia, inside out”. Nummela also stated that HMD will have access to Nokia’s “in-house” technologies, which is an excellent thing because Nokia has a huge IP portfolio in mobile.

Nummela again confirmed that HMD is closely working with Google for the best Android experience on future Nokia-branded smartphones, but they will disclose more at the first product launch.

You can read the whole interview here.


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  • Rce

    So No PureView,Clear Black Display etc as expected,let’s hope Carl Zeiss Rumor is at least true..

    • But one can wonder if PureView is just name and technology varies, maybe clearblack was just one product ready for phones and one similar but better was in development…
      They need great screen visibility, camera, sturdiness and double tap to unlock to win some old fans.

    • As @Themightm said, they don’t own the brand (PureView, ClearBlack, PureMotion), but they still own the technology behind the brand 🙂

      • Rce

        Let’s hope for something exceptional once again,personally i would love to see at least a smartphone with Graphene sensor..

        • I would love to see that and wireless charging, nfc, double tap and Glance screen present. 6 inch screen would suite me well but hey, can’t get everything 🙂

          • Rce

            Well,I can except many new innovations from Nokia only..