HMD’s PR agency: #Nokia smartphones coming in 2017

Nokia C1 rumour

Finnish start-up HMD Global selected ‘Mother’, UK’s largest independent advertising agency, as the Lead Global Agency for Nokia-branded devices. Nokia licenced ‘the Nokia brand’ to HMD Global for a period of 10 years for usage on smartphones and tablets.

#Nokia again allowed to use the “Nokia” brand on smartphones

HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Pekka Rantala, who is an ex-Nokian and was Rovio’s CEO, said:

“Nokia is a truly iconic, globally recognised and trusted brand. As the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for mobile phones and tablets, our ambition was to find a like-minded agency who grasped both the opportunity and responsibility in bringing a new product range to market. We are confident that in Mother we have found a partner who can help us do so for a new generation of consumers around the world.”

Mother’s Robert Savilee added:

“We are thrilled to be working with HMD Global as it begins this exciting new chapter for Nokia branded mobile phones.”

Nokia P1 leaks: Flagship Android with graphene camera

As found out, Mother’s first global launch campaign for the upcoming Nokia Android smartphones is expected to roll out in 2017, ‘followed by a series of product launches over the course of the remainder of the year’.

This means that we won’t see new Nokia-branded smartphones before 2017. The launch of new smartphones could happen at MWC 2017, as we found out that both Nokia and HMD will be there.


  • Michael

    Let’s hope there is a huge pent up demand for the return of the Nokia brand. According to Richard Yu, Huwaei ““In Finland, we are already number one,” What a slap in the face to the Nokia brand. Bet there will be incentives to trade in your Huawei phone in Finland 🙂

    • Michael

      By the way, out of necessity I needed another Android phone. Couldn’t wait for Nokia (HMD). Bought a Huawei P9 Plus. Really nice phone. Good, not great camera, but great camera software. Fast CPU and battery efficient. HMD better be bringing it’s A game, because I’m not sure Nokia can make a 4th “first impression”.

      • Agree, and hope so. Also, a wide trade-in program globally would be awesome. Also, the iniciative Trail a Nokia (later Trail a Lumia) was great for testing phones and giving feedback. 🙂

        • Michael

          Ready to trade my Huawei! (Although, it really is a pretty decent far)

      • Rce

        Don’t worry Nokia will be back with an bang..Nokia always surprised the world with new innovations and they’ll do it again..Bdw,one small info despite not launching a single phone in last 2 and half years Nokia’s still one of the top mass favorite brands in India.. And this loyal fan bases of Nokia will definitely help Nokia to regain the top spot..

        • Michael

          Nokia (HMD) will really need to come out with something special IMO. They need to be able to cut through all the Samsung-can-do-no-wrong fanboyism you read on many websites. It’s almost like these sites are getting paid by Samsung.

          Photo quality must at least meet the quality of Samsung S7. Battery needs to be excellent and the UI needs to be Nokia specific, but lightweight (unlike touchwiz) I have had a couple Samsung devices (S5 Active and a tablet) and won’t buy another one.

          Hope “Mother” comes up with a unique Marketing plan and HMD spends the necessary money to let everyone know Nokia is back big time.

          • Rce

            Camera;S7 Edge is really best? well,i feel it’s images are not always accurate and colors are always over-sharpened,even my Nokia 1020 still performs better in dynamic range and color accuracy..and with Graphene Nokia can do wonders and i also think Nokia will use Zeiss Optiics again,this two combo is enough to beat S7,Pixel XL,etc..
            Battery Backup is also Nokia’s strong points always so i think some new technology we will see there,a graphene battery perhaps 😉
            And reagrding UI i’ll prefer something like Sony UI/Moto UI/pixel Kind of UI,touchwiz is simply the worst ui out there even worst then Zenui and Emotion UI..And I’ve used Nokia N1 with Nokia Z launcher and it was an great experience and with Nougat this Z launcher will be improved further,that’s a positive point..

          • Michael

            Didn’t say S7 was best. Almost ever other phone review site, blog has said that. THAT is what Nokia will be up against. That and iPhone photos.. what every camera phone photo is judged against.

            I did have a S5 Active that took great photos. My Lumia 920 took great photos. My new Huawei takes great daytime photos.

            Huawei’s camera software blows away anything I have used on a Nokia phone. It’s not only powerful with a full set of manual options, but it is very easy to use. Nokia’s panoramic implementation on their Lumia phones was terrible. At least it was on my 920 and the 930 I had for a short time before it cooked itself. HMD better be working on some great software and do much better than Nokia’s last effort.

            Yes, I liked Sony’s Lightweight UI on my Z3 and Z5. I’m not sure I’m all that thrilled with the Z Launcher, but I’m sure it appeals to many. It’s a talking point for sure, but even though touchwiz seems to be disliked by even the pro-samsung sites, Samsung gets a pass, I suppose since it is so easy to install a different launcher. Samsung also gets a pass for all their bloatware.

            Ho! speaking of battery reserve. This Huawei P9 plus kicks butt. I use my new phone just like I have every other phone. My first full charge went 3 days. My current second full charge will make it 3 days. I have stuff running in the background, gmail and exchange accounts (push), fair amount of browsing, playing non-cpu intensive games. 3 days.

          • Hemedans

            well modern reviewer they dont even include 1020 or 808, and if they include they will turn off pureview mode.

            steve always compare latest flagship with 1020/808/950 you can check his review here


          • Michael

            Of course they don’t. Why would they? Windows Phone isn’t on anyone’s radar anymore as unfortunate as that is.

            Here is Dpreview’s review of the Huawei P9.

            iPhone and Samsung is mentioned outright one time and strongly alluded to with “best in class” comments.

            As I said, that is what Nokia/HMD is up against and they MUST meet or exceed current “best in class” in their flagship phone. If that means including, 1020/950 tech, then that’s a win. 🙂

          • Rce

            Yes,Huawei is good but the biggest problem Nokia always had was it’s Software part,symbian-windows was never good enough to handle and implement that much thing,but android will improve that functionality and one more thing Huawei’s pricing is also an big reason why i will not prefer that brand, I would like to see Nokia taking One Plus’s approach or even Lg’s in terms of pricing,because the high end market is in saturated state now and they technology is improving in low and budget segment that high end’s market share will further decrease, so good combination of everything at a right price will be the key factor..

          • Nokia, or HMD doesn’t have time to be average and to be recognized needs to win the crowds with innovation or just by being the best in design, hardware specifications, build quality, and price. Or just needs to have complete list of hardware specifications (large battery, great screen, nfc, wireles chargingm IR sensore, gyro, compas…).

            Z launcher is a must have since it is great substitute for bloatware of competition.

            Regarding camera, check out the photos of the Mate 9. Those are rocking.

          • Michael

            Ya, I think it is the same camera as on my P9 Plus. Daytime photos are as good as my Rx100M3. Good, if not great nighttime photos are possible, but need a steady platform and getting into the manual settings. As I mentioned below, Huwei’s camera software is 1st rate. Powerful and easy to use.