Juha Alakarhu is back at Nokia


The iconic former Nokia’s Head of Imaging, and later Microsoft’s Head of Imaging, is now back at Nokia as the Head of Imaging in the Nokia OZO team.

After the recent job cuts at Microsoft, Juha decided to return home to Nokia. He is one of the creators of the famous Pureview technology, and he was the leader of the team that is responsible for great cameras on Microsoft Lumia devices, especially Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

At Nokia, Juha will be a part of Nokia Technologies division – the part of Nokia responsible for intellectual property, Nokia OZO and Withings. He will work as the Head of Imaging to improve Nokia’s VR camera OZO.
We have no doubt that Juha will take the camera capabilities of Nokia OZO to a whole new level, and maybe help with the new Nokia branded HMD devices.