What’s the big deal with #Nokia and #Drones? @nokiatech @nokianetworks


On a few occasions Nokia showed how they use drones for inspecting network equipment, smart traffic or as a fast and portable 4G base station. Nokia recently won the third award at CTIA Super Mobility 2016  show with the Nokia Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management (UTM) in category ‘Mobile Enterprise Innovation’. What’s the fuss about drones answers the recent Statista data.

Statista chart about drones

The whole “Drone Industry” in 2015 was worth $127.3B, and it is expected to grow. The industries in which Nokia operates – Infrastructure, Transport and Telecomunications – were worth $64.5B in total. Nokia saw the opportunity of using drones to enhance its business, and with the growth of the overall drone usage it will certainly pay off.

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