First hands-on video of Nokia XR21 popped up

The Nokia XR21 was launched on May 3 and is already available in many markets for around 550 euros. The device is an upgrade of the Nokia XR20, since it has a better display, processor and battery capacity. However, the Nokia XR20 had a better design and more character, but the first reviews should show that.

Anyway, the first hands-on video has surfaced on Youtube and it proves, at least for me, that the Nokia XR20 had its design flaws but solved some things better. A good example of this is the bezels, which were very large on the Nokia XR20, but are even larger on the XR21, as you can immediately see in the video. The reason for this could be the greater durability of the display, but I’d still like to see them smaller.

Check out the video.

The rest of the device looks more refined, although many elements of the XR20 can also be found in the XR21. The build quality seems good, and according to the Youtuber, the display and camera are much better.

What do you guys think of the design? Can those large bezels be ignored since this phone is primarily focused on durability and only secondarily on aesthetics?

Thanks to riceguarian for the tip.