Tampere is home to an excellent imaging cluster

After the final demise of Nokia’s once great devices and services division, many engineers scattered around the world in search of new opportunities. The years of work experience at Nokia were a nice setback for many of them. However, a large part of the employees didn’t want to scatter all over the world and stayed in Finland.

For example, Nokia’s imaging division was a leader in the industry, and the people who worked there stayed in Tampere, where the Imaging Tampere Ecosystem was established. This ecosystem consists of numerous companies and teams that employ imaging specialists, many of whom gained their knowledge at Nokia.

The companies are located in the city of Tampere, where Nokia used to have a research and development center that still represents a large pool of skilled engineers who developed new technologies for Nokia. Today, there are numerous companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi and many others where former Nokia employees work or which they founded. Even HMD Global has set up a research and development center there, working on software development (UX and UI) and cybersecurity.

Juha Alakarhu talked about the Tampere imaging ecosystem in a great session on Nokia Chronicles, saying that his co-workers from Nokia’s imaging division still hang out together and work in a fantastic ecosystem made up of different teams and small companies. This has led to Tampere being one of the top five clusters for imaging and mobile technology in the world.

Check out the video that shows one of the top 5 imaging clusters in the world is Tampere, Finland.

Professionals, technicians and engineers develop imaging technologies that are used in various applications such as advanced driver assistance systems, cybersecurity, mobile communications, digital health solutions and industrial automation.

The particularly high quality of imaging is due to world-class research and education in signal processing, largely thanks to Nokia’s legacy. Recently, companies in this ecosystem have focused on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) in imaging, deep learning, machine vision and more.

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