Nokia continues with the rebranding efforts

Nokia continued the adjustment of its reenergized brand which comes from an updated strategy. The Finns are turning a new page believing they can harness all the power that lies in the equation that future networks are bringing. After rebranding its HQ, Nokia applied the power of n to the Nokia Arena located in Tampere. This huge building that can house various events is powered by Nokia’s network solutions and carries its new, thinner and visibly smaller logo.

It is kind of sad seeing that old and iconic Nokia logo being taken down but from a distance, the new one still has that old Nokianess in itself. I wonder what will happen with old Nokia stuff, whether the Finns are storing that or transferring it to the Nokia museum.

Check below to see how the job was done.

Something new, something old

While Nokia is applying the power equation to its business, the company is still using some good old Nokia devices in its latest promotional videos. A nice example is the video where Nokia is presenting its solution applied in the Lufthansa Technik shop where a remote engine parts inspection can be achieved over a hyperfast 5G private wireless network and Nokia 8.3 5G.

This is a nice example of how Nokia can use licensed products for its own benefit. Also, this shows that Nokia 8.3 5G is a fine device that deserves a successor.

Thanks boguwarrior for the tip 😉