Unboxing of repairable Nokia G22 (video)

I don’t know what relationship people have with boxes of recently bought gadgets and products. I know that my father kept his Sharp calculator from the early 80s in the original box till the day I started playing with it. The same sickness was passed over genes to me and I still keep boxes of some of my early Nokia devices. To be correct, I kept most of them since my wife throw some away a few years ago because Nokia boxes took a huge chunk of the storage we have at the apartment :).

Besides keeping boxes, I do enjoy watching unboxing, and there is a high chance some of you still enjoy unboxing new Nokia devices. So, here is the unboxing of the Nokia G22 done by Tech Travel Geeks, or more precisely Matteo Doni. The box of the Nokia G22 has the same recyclable looks and feel as the box of the X30 or G60, and the recycling and repairability are marketed right away in a tagline.

All the drawings of the device are simple, so a small portion of dye was used to print, possibly with some energy savings there too. At the back of the box, the iFixit logo is printed suggesting where you can get the spare parts for fixing your faulty battery, display or charging port in case that happens at all.

The box, at least the one in the UK, is bringing the device itself, a strange-looking but useful SIM card ejector tool, USBc to USBc charging cable and a silicone protective case applied to the device. I like seeing paper wrapping being used instead of plastic ones!

That SIM ejector tool looks a bit strange but it can actually be used as a tool to remove the back plate to exchange the internal parts. USBc to USBc is a bit strange cable to see included in the box, but there is a high chance you already have a USBc charger at home or you’ll need to get yourself a new Nokia charger that supports USBc.

The boxing didn’t disappoint and all the major flaws of the previous ones have been corrected. A charger would be a nice addition since most of us will have one with USBa port but hey… Ecology is dictating the contents now.

I played a little bit with photoshop to see if refreshed Nokia logo for licensed products would look nice on the box :).


Matteo also did a 20 minutes long set-up video of the Nokia G22, so if interested, check it below.


Thanks Zh4yo for the tip 😉