Nokia Mobile to bring more audio accessories

It has been relatively quiet in the world of Nokia phones and other gadgets. Well, it was the time of the World Cup, so the tech news was left behind (kind of). With the Cup behind us, it is time to break the silence. Nokia Mobile is planning to reveal some new products and according to the EUIPO pages, several devices are being prepared for the announcement soon. Those devices will be followed by new audio accessories that Finns are preparing also.

BT SIG pages revealed 10 new audio accessories being prepared. All of the new audio accessories are already established models which are now being brought up to the latest BT connection standard.

The new audio accessories are:

Affordable solo bud for professional drivers

  • Nokia Solo Bud+, SB-201 (BT 5.2)
  • Nokia Solo Bud, SB-101 (BT 5.2)
  • Nokia Solo Bud 2 Pro, SB-222 (BT 5.2)

New upper price range audio accessory:

  • Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro, TWS-852W (BT 5.3)

Midrange segment of Nokia’s audio accessories

  • Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro, TWS-841W (BT 5.2)
  • Nokia Clarity Earbuds, TWS-821W (BT 5.2)

Affordable entry and lower midrange segment plus updated headphones

  • Nokia Go Earbuds+, TWS-201 (BT 5.3)
  • Nokia Comfort Earbuds, TWS-411 (BT 5.3)
  • Nokia Comfort Earbuds+, TWS-411W (BT 5.3)
  • Nokia Wireless Headphones, WHP-101 (BT 5.3)

While I loved the Nokia Wireless Headphones, I wasn’t happy with the sound quality of Nokia Go Earbuds+ and the controls of Nokia Mobile’s previous top model ANC earbuds simply called Nokia Noise Cancelling Earbuds. One thing I lack with all Nokia buds is the dedicated software that would help users easily control the buds as other manufacturers have. That software can be incorporated into the MyPhone app or be a separate one, but it is needed to fine-tune the sound quality.

For example, Portable Wireless Speaker 2 is a decent portable speaker but the sound quality is not the best. However, if the music app has an equalizer, the audio output can be improved, especially the bass tones which are lacking.

Anyways, I hope Nokia Mobile will at least work out the audio settings with the manufacturer making these accessories if the app development is out of the question.

have you ever used any of the latest Nokia audio accessories, and if yes, how happy are you with them?