Disassembly video of Nokia X30

Nokia X30 is bringing new design language to the midrange class of Nokia phones. The phone itself does look great on paper and in images, although I will have to get used to the camera module design.

Anyways, the phone is pretty compact with small bezels around the display. The disassembly video published by Technorabin reveals the aluminium frame which improves the structural integrity of the phone. I’d love to see Zack from JerryRigeverything bending this one.

To disassemble the device a heating plate is needed since the back cover is glued to the frame. It is interesting noting that the camera module is also carved out of aluminium.

After the removal of several screws, two motherboards come loose which leaves only the battery firmly in place. The internal hardware does look premium which is standard for this class of phones.

The battery can be removed by pulling the plastic tabs which also have a heat shield on one tab. This is probably needed to dissipate excessive heat caused by the 33W fast charging that X30 supports. Tabs are firmly glued which means that the battery will be destroyed in case you need to remove it.


Do check out our hands-on video done by Abdulla.

Hands on video with new Nokia X30