OffGlobal calling all to check their new laptops

French startup OffGlobal, the licensee of Nokia’s brand of laptops, will also be at IFA2022. This important tech event begins on Sept. 2, and OffGlobal plans to unveil new products there. The BT SIG certificate released at the beginning of August, confirms that OffGlobal plans to bring to the market at least 5 new Nokia branded laptops. The most interesting among them is certainly the Nokia PureBook Fold 14, which is supposed to be able to fold the screen completely to the back side like Lenovo Yoga. This is a great way to use your 14-inch laptop as a large tablet although Windows aren’t that user friendly as Android on tablets.

OffGlobal CEO David Garcia kind of confirmed the announcement of the new laptops by tweeting that OffGlobal will be present at IFA2022 from September 2-6, where some exciting and innovative things will be on display. In addition to new concepts, we could also see new hardware specifications for the new laptops, as the first versions did not come with a powerful Intel chipset.

Nokia laptops are available in some European markets, but I have not seen them here in Croatia yet. The most attractive thing about them is definitely the design and colour selection. Well, laptop design is kind of set and it is hard to add something more without raising the price significantly. Again, there are some exceptions like Asus models with additional screens, but those are pretty expensive.

The Nokia PureBook Fold 14 will bring the fun factor to the tablet world and hopefully the price is not set too high. I am looking forward to IFA, which will be very important for the Nokia brand product ecosystem.