Nokia 5.3 and Nokia T20 are receiving new updates

New Build and security updates are arriving although Nokia Mobile is pretty busy for the big event reserved for September 1st, a day before IFA2022 starts. There we should see a few new devices, a successor of the Nokia X20, and a successor of the Nokia G50 according to the tweet by Roland Quandt from @WinFuture. But, before that all comes, Nokia Mobile still has plenty of work to do with software updates.

Nokia 5.3 started receiving a new security patch that is bringing a July security patch. The update is just 19 MB in size, so no biggy there but do make your phone secure before Android 12 finally arrives (Cheers to all who tipped).


Nokia T20, Nokia Mobile’s first tablet got a new Android 11 Build. Th update V1.280 is bringing the August security patch on top of improved system stability and UI improvements.  The update is 30.12 MB in size and it is available here in Croatia, but also in Australia and other sites according to the tips (cheers MickyB).

Nokia T20 has been working great lately so I don’t know what changes this update brings. Do check your T20 and report back if you find anything new or improved.



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