Updates available for Nokia XR20, G50, and 8.3 5G


A bunch of Build and security updates have been released lately for Nokia smartphones and new ones are still coming. Users of Nokia XR20, Nokia G50, and Nokia 8.3 5G reported that new updates are available.

Our Nokia XR20 finally got the update first released a few days ago. The update is the new Android 12 Build V2.420 which is 32.44 MB large and brings a July security patch. This update hopefully solves the overcharging issue noticed recently. The update is now available globally, so if you haven’t received it yet, check your XR20 now and make it improved.

Nokia G50, the pioneer of the G series also received a new Android 12 Build update which is coming with a July security patch. The update V2.380 is 27.80 MB in size and it also solves the charging issue as well as some other UI bugs and system stability issues good folks at Nokia Mobile have noticed.

Nokia 8.3 5G, the most powerful and actively used smartphone still waiting for a successor got a July security patch. The update of 56.38 MB is available here in Croatia. It is also available in the UK and probably in other parts of the world. Do check your 8.3 and make it secure and up to date!

Cheers to Luke, MickeyB Aus and all the rest for the tip and screenshots! If you have noticed anything new, do report it in the comments.


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