Nokia is second most used brand in Egypt

Nokia phones in total are doing rather well in Egypt overall. Well, according to panel market research conducted by GFK, Nokia is the second most used brand in Egypt, just ahead of Oppo, Xiaomi and Realme, while Samsung dominates the market. However, if you look at the shipment data, you will notice that Nokia phone shipments have remained constant since the beginning of 2022, while Oppo shipments have decreased significantly and Realme shipments have almost disappeared. This could lead the panel under study to portray the Nokia brand as the most trusted and used, but the latest Nokia phones are affordable, durable, well-built and probably well-sold.

All recently announced Nokia phones seem to be available in Egypt according to the Nokia website. However, the pricing is missing, which could indicate that many of them are not yet available in stores. If this could be improved, sales would probably increase.

Source Hotlain