Nirave Gondhia checks the guest list of Nokia Chronicles

This week’s Nokia Chronicles guest is Nirave Gondhia, a tech journalist that was formed by Nokia as he said. He also worked for Android Authority, Mobile Nations but you can find it at XDA Developers and Pocketnow. I met him back in 2014 at MWC when Nokia announced the Nokia X series phones, and I must say he is a cool dude. he even made a Lumia 920 video where OIS has been tested in the desert which was later featured on the Nokia page and organized a dance-off between Nokia and Sony staff at MWC2014.

In the podcast, he is reminiscing about the good old Nokia days when Nokia really invested a lot into the community.

Nirave said something that many are aware of now. The innocence of blogging is no more. All of the blogs are now major sites that are run by profits and their posts are mostly commercialized. The sincereness is definitely a minority there and good old blogs with individuals just being passionate and sincerely critical of a brand is put to statistical error.

However, blogging changed because marketing changed radically. Nowadays PR agencies are cold and do not care about the community. They are not engaging people in the right way, and what they are doing with brand talk is just empty rhetoric.

I do miss 1000Heads and their way of running the brand, especially the Nokia brand. I remember when they approached me, and I felt like someone writing for Engadget and not just a small Nokia dedicated site.

If you do not have 2 hours of free time, find it and listen to Nirave, especially if you are a Nokia fan from the good old days.