Update – Nokia G10 next to receive Android 12

Nokia G10
Nokia G10

Update – Nokia Mobile contacted us over the PR agency and corrected the press release. Basically, they they made a small but significant typo and instead of G50 wrote Nokia G10. 

Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia G50 are among the first Nokia devices to get the latest Android OS update, which was officially released back in December 2021.

Now the affordable Nokia G10 with three days of battery life joins the club. Nokia Mobile announced the Android 12 release for Nokia G10, together with Nokia X10 and X20 over its PR agency.

The strange thing is that the agency is slightly late with the official OS update announcement since the news got spread immediately after the first user spotted the latest Android version being available for its device. Furthermore, the press release lacks to mention Nokia G50 which also got the update in some countries.


Here is the press release:

Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia G10 G50 are all receiving Android 12

The Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia G10 G50 smartphones have all started to receive Android 12 software upgrades as of December 2021.

Pushing the boundaries of the mid-range with unrivalled reliability and durability, the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 are built to be kept for longer thanks to three years of OS updates, three years of security updates and extended three-year warranty.
Coming with an impressive three-day battery life, the Nokia G10 strikes the perfect balance of delivering on all your daily needs through straightforward problem-solving technology, whilst still offering three years of monthly security updates and at least two years of OS updates.


Anyways, if you use a Nokia G10 as your daily driver, do share the info about the update availability. Also, check out the video review of the device below and a written version here.


So, the next device to get the update is Nokia 8.3, Nokia XR20 or Nokia 3.4?

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