Green version of Nokia 6310 is something completely different

At the end of July 2021, Nokia brought another old Nokia model to life. Nokia 6310 is a classic 2G feature phone that operates on snappy but old-fashion S30+ software. It has a large 2.8” curved screen, 0.3MP camera with a LED flash and torch, removable Nokia 1150mAh battery, a classic Snake game and it comes in blue, green, yellow and black colour. I had a chance of reviewing the phone, and I must say, while I was happy with the design, the build quality gave me the opposite feeling (read about that here).

The display glass wasn’t of the best quality, and it refracted the sunlight strangely. The fact I owned and used the original Nokia 6310 probably affected my judgement of the resurrected Nokia original version. I had an opportunity to check the black version, which doesn’t look as good as the green that our Abdulla Zaki had a chance to check out and do a quick hands-on in his latest video.

He also wasn’t so satisfied with the build quality and the number of options this phone is offering but I must agree with him that it is fun using a classic feature phone from time to time.


Mr Nokia