Techaltar fails Nokia Mobile for 2021

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and I wish you all the best for the holidays. Techaltar published a video in which he gives his retrospective on how smartphone brands did in turbulent 2021. He graded brands from S (superb) to F, which stands for Fail, or the lowest grade of his grading system.

In general, I agree with whatever he stated in the slightly unusual video since it is not scripted and fluent as the rest of them, but it is a retrospective, so a slight production offset is tolerated :).
Apple really did a great job and offered only the best in the market. Its customers and followers could get earbuds, tablets, phones, computers with their chips, almost everything the ecosystem needs.

Apple announced further ecosystem diversification that will follow in 2022, and only the sky is the limit. The execution of Apple’s business strategy is more or less flawless, although I’m not a fan of their products too. Xiaomi got an A since this manufacturer is doing things right in every segment. Samsung, Oppo & OnePlus, Vivo and realme deserved a B, but check out the video since TechAltar explains in detail the grades attached to each brand.

What concerns us the most is the grade given to the Nokia (smart)phone brand which is an F. Nokia Mobile tried their best but all it got them was a fail in 2021. Techaltar mentioned that Nokia Mobile started well by not competing with Xiaomi and Oppo, and going for the well-built entry-level or midrange phones and aiming for the B2B strategy, but the problem is the outdated design (teardrop notch and fat chin), updates not being consistent (Nokia 9 PureView) and relatively high prices. He did mention that Nokia Mobile had a few good devices (he probably meant Nokia XR20 and/or X20), but failed in the end since they did nothing to raise the brand awareness.

The same grade got Microsoft whose Surface Duo 2 managed to be almost a complete disaster even though the format of the device is smart and promising. Foldables that Samsung, Oppo and Huawei are doing are currently more popular. TCL was placed next to Microsoft and Nokia since this company managed to kill Blackberry and Alcatel again.

Nokia T20 and XR20
Nokia T20 and XR20

If you ask me, I do agree that Nokia Mobile is spending its resources in a wrong manner by overproducing low end and entry devices, but I do commend the Nokia XR20, X20 and Nokia T20, which are rather good products for the price.


Cheers johala02 for the tip 😉