Tampere Deck Arena becomes Nokia Arena

When Nokia was the No1 in the smartphone business, its logo could be noticed everywhere. Now, Nokia is a leader in the networking business, and while those companies recognize its software and hardware solutions, the general public is slightly forgetting Nokia. That is why Nokia is licensing its brand to various consumer products, which I find rather important for every company that wants to be present worldwide.

Nokia has invested a lot in its home country, and it is still doing so. Finnish Tampere Deck Arena signed a five year deal with Nokia to change the name of the sports complex to Nokia arena. This object will open its doors in December 2021 and will be able to take up to 15000 people inside. The Nokia arena is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology, which is needed not only for the organization of sports events but culture and entertainment events and conferences.

This deal is a smart move for Nokia since in 2022, Nokia Arena will be home for IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. If the deal proves to be good for Nokia, the contract includes an option to extend the partnership for an additional five years.


Nokia Press