Nokia was truly ahead of its time (Video)

I’ve been converting minutes into hours the other days on the 9Gag app and stumbled upon a video that demoed Nokia N90, Nokia 6822 and Nokia 7710. All of those phones were considered to be coming from not so distant future, and the release date was the end of 2004 or the beginning of 2005. The title of the post (yes I read the titles on 9gag) said “Nokia were little ahead of their time…”, and that was true. Nokia N90 came with a rotatable camera that nobody expected to see on the smartphone, and Nokia 7710 gave us a bit of a palm computer but on Symbian. There was also the unique Nokia 6822 that transformed itself from a candy bar to a full qwerty phone with a simple flip of a keyboard. Phones were really fun back in the days as Mr Mobile says, and Nokia was truly ahead of its time.


In those days Nokia could afford to lose some investment just to dazzle the world with some future concepts which brought her millions of customers that were buying phones from different price ranges. The times have changed, so did Nokia and now we are getting phones that are basically the same as many others. Nokia Mobile is trying to distinguish its phones by design though, but the looks are not the only thing that sells. While G50 and Nokia T20 are good looking and performing affordable devices, there is a need for a versatile device like Nokia XR20 but with hardware components of Nokia 8.3 and better.

I am aware that we might not see a foldable Nokia phone anytime soon, or at least a foldable like Surface Duo but in a 2720 form, but Nokia Mobile should wake up that spirit of the past when Nokia phones were considered being ahead of its time.

The comments section below the post is a nice and funny read, and people are posting photos of some other cool devices Nokia used to make like N900 or funny little Nokia 5200 that belonged to the Xpress Music series. What was the last device you used from 1998 till the very end of the Nokia D&S department in 2014?