Nokia XR20 available for 448€ in EU

Nokia XR20 might easily be one of the best devices that Nokia Mobile announced since the very beginning. The device itself belongs to a lower midrange class of smartphones according to the hardware specs, but since XR20 is a nicely rounded rugged smartphone, the announced price is a bit higher than expected. We might argue if it is justified or not, but XR20 is currently the best rugged device on the market that combines nicely with style and durability.

The price of the Nokia XR20 varies among markets. In Croatia, for example, you can find it for 589€, which is a bit pricey. However, in India, this tank of a device was just launched at 537€ or ₹46999. But, in Netherlands and Belgium, the device can be currently found for 448€, which is the lowest you guys found. The price of X20 is 346€ at the same store, which might be interesting if you are buying a decent midrange, but XR20 is durable as a tank thanks to its MIL-STD810 case build standard, IP68 waterproof certificate and it has stereo speakers and Gorilla Victus protective glass above the display. The aluminium body is covered in rubber, which will preserve the phone while you drop it on the floor without any reason.

But, if XR20 and X20 isn’t your cup of cake, you might be eyeing a simple but still nicely designed Nokia G50, which is not as good as Nokia X20 and XR20, but it has a nice price of 279€.

I must say that I like XR20, and I’m currently using it as a primary device. I am surprised with its night shot mode which does some nice low light shots. Anyways, do share the links of verified stores and prices of XR20 and the mentioned in your countries. I wonder how big the difference is.

Thanks shunjoss for the tip and links 😉