New Android Beta Build available for Nokia x20

Nokia Mobile released the first beta build version of Android 12 for Nokia X20 on September 1st. That version wasn’t the best, but that was expected since its purpose is setting a road that will take the owners of X20 to a stable version. Our Abdulla tested it on his X20 and regretted ever installing it. Do check the video here.

Nokia Mobile collected all the bugs since then and created the first update that you can download without loss of user data from any Android 11 official build or the earlier ADP build (V2.072). The new version is V2.200_B01 but it is still coming with some bugs. So the stuff that is still not supported or not working is listed below.

  • Display – White balance and Audio OZO function not supported yet
  • Performance issue – Camera recording may show some slow response in movie mode
  • System UI – Battery percentage may intermittently not be displayed or the battery icon may not show full
  • ‘Capture more’ mode is not yet supported
  • Customised ringtone names may be displayed incorrectly
  • Recent task not working after switching to 3-button navigation

If you are wondering why is there so many bugs and issues, you should know that beta builds are aimed at the developers of the apps, not the regular smartphone users. If you are a regular smartphone user, then I don’t recommend upgrading to a Developer Beta Build of Android 12. But, if you are an enthusiast or an app developer that has Nokia X20, maybe you could try it and use it for a bit.

To download the Android 12 Beta Build, open the My Device app on your phone, click on the Support banner at the bottom, and scroll down to “Android developer preview”. Allow the app to check your IMEI (so we can check eligibility of device), agree to the software license terms and conditions, and after checking the Important Notes, confirm you’re happy to continue.

After you are done testing, you can roll back from my Phone app, but be sure to have at least 60% of the battery on your phone.


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