Meet Miika Mahonen through 10 questions

Nokia Community is doing a great job with 10 question sessions. This is a nice way to present people working in Nokia Mobile, for example, designers responsible for designing the Nokia smartphones to the general public and fans. Miika Mahonen, the principal designer at Nokia Mobile answered his 10 questions at the Community forum and revealed some interesting tidbits about himself.

Miika seems like a true Finn since he likes dirt bikes and skiing, and I liked what he had to say till the part about Greta Thunberg being his hero :).

Anyways, you’ll find it interesting to know that he is responsible for the design of XR20, and he is currently using that device in Ultra Blue colour.

I like what he did with this device, how he made a rugged device look more civilized but still resistant to drops and a harsh environment. It would be nice if he managed to rubberize the camera module also and maybe make the fingerprint reader/power button more noticeable. These are things that Miika can improve, and I’m sure he will.

Do check all the questions and answers at the Nokia Community forum.


Thanks SirFaceFone for the tip 😉