Nokia 3.4 spotted running Android 11 again

Nokia 3.4 was first spotted running the latest Android 11 on Geekbench back in April 2021, and it shows up again now. The Geekbench value didn’t change much in four months, which means that Android 11 could have been released much sooner. Since this particular version of Android OS isn’t as stable as Android 10, and I wasn’t pretty happy with it on Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia Mobile was probably delaying the release until all the bugs are polished.

The update release date probably got postponed due to all the changes that struck the Finnish start-up since April and because the company’s focus has turned to the release and maintenance of new devices. There is a chance now for Nokia Mobile to break the promised Q2 release period that ends in August. But, August still has two more weeks which is enough time for the update to be polished and released.


Nokia 3.4 wasn’t the fastest and most reliable affordable phone on Android 10, so it is better to wait just a little more to enjoy the polished Android 11 on this device.