Nokia C30 bringing wall charger and a cover in the box

Nokia C30 was announced together with the Nokia XR20, a new Nokia 6310, and a ton of audio accessories. This phone might be overshadowed by XR20, but it is a nice improvement over C20 and C20 Plus.

For the price of 100€ you are getting a 237 g phone with a huge 6.82-inch screen, Unisoc SC9863A processor built-in 28nm process, 13 MP main and 5 MP selfie cam, 32/3 GB memory arrangement, and 6000 mAh battery to power the device for days. Also, it seems that Nokia C30 is built like a tank.

Also, Nokia C30 is coming in a rectangular-shaped box, the same as Nokia C20 and C10. The box is packing a wall charger, a micro USB charging cable, and a protective silicone cover. The wall charger is a good old 10 Watt one, but it is nice to get it now when most manufacturers are starting to leave the charger out of the box due to their environmental concerns.
There is still no video of the Nokia C30 unboxing to be seen at the socials, but when it shows up we’ll update the post.

Anyways, Nokia C30 is a nice Android 11 Go device. Anyone out there interested in having it as the main driver or a second phone?