Behind the scenes of Nokia XR20 commercial with Roberto Carlos

Nokia Mobile skipped doing an announcement event for its first rugged smartphone Nokia XR20 and rather spent resources on a clever marketing campaign that focuses on its endurance. They engaged one football legend and football freestyle champion to test whether XR20 is rugged enough to survive torture experiments that those two stars did. Roberto Carlos was kicking the phone around and even kicked it with the ball over the defensive wall thus recreating his outside kick from 1997.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video that shows how this promotional video was recreated. The Nokia Mobile camera crew had fun with Roberto Carlos and Lisa Zimouche shooting #ToughestTest with the #NokiaXR20​ in Madrid, Spain. 

I expected to see Roberto and Lisa kicking XR20 directly, but I’m not sure whether their legs would survive that. Also, it would be nice to see the damage caused by the drops, but that is something we’ll be doing (if we have enough courage or heart to do that) 🙂

Nokia XR20

I must say I like the approach taken. This is a much better way to promote the device than what Nokia Mobile did for X20. The only thing I miss is the better coverage of mainstream media with similar tests or at least quick reviews, but that means that Nokia Mobile should send devices two weeks before the announcement, which is still not happening as I expected.

Well, here is a video of a guy that doesn’t care about Nokia too much so he really tortured it.

Thanks Branko for the tip 😉